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  1. Hello Remy! Thank you for your answer. I've been away from the computer so I couldn't answer before. I print the model that way because my teacher in the 3d printing course told me that it will be faster that way. The problem I have found is that at the moment of looking at the gcode file in different computers the layers appear and dissappear depending on which computer I see them. It is very strange and I don't know what could be happening. Anyway, I really appreciate your answer and thank you a lot for that. My best Regards Adolfo
  2. Hello! Could anyone please help me ? I'm not been able to solve the problem. The code and stl files are in another message so you could see the problem, Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello Gr5! Thank you for your answer! I`ve checked the model in xray view and i doesn`t have any issues coloured in red. I'm sending you the model in stl file and the gcode file so you can see what I am talking about. I'm going to generate the gcode with the adjustments checkin the fix horrible section inside the expert menu. Thanks for your instructions. I'm sending dropbox links of both the stl file here: Stl File Here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rt441w9y875us07/Alegoria%20de%20la%20Victoria_fixed.stl?dl=0 Gcode file Here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rfsen7vuvy2a0jh/Alegoria%20de%20la%20Victoria_fixed.gcode?dl=0 My best regards Adolfo
  4. Hello gr5! Thanks fot your answer! In the images you can see that the gcode doesn't touch the base. There is a gap withou the layers between o and 50. I am trying to reduce the printing time. I'm sending you the gcode if you want so you can see the problem. I've tried to put things in vertical but I have fear that it will loose the form because of heat. Also my teacher explained me to print it in horizontal . As you can see in the attached file i pointed out in orange colour the defects of the gode file ate the base of the sculpture. You can see the missing parts coloured in yellow and green. It has some wings that need to have supports. Hope my explanation was clarifying. Thanks in advance. My best regards Adolfo
  5. Hello Community! I am new to the 3D printing community and I am having problems in generating complete Gcodes withCura 15.04.6 and this 3d model. As you can see in the attached image there's a part of the gcode of the 3d model, mainly in part where it has to support that its not generating the layers and supports to print. I have an Hephestos Prusa I3 Xl and the model is mainfolded and fixed at Netfabb. When I generate the gcode at Cura it is correct but when I open the gcode to check the file it is always this kinds of errors . What am I doing wrong or what I could do be able to generate the gcode properly? Thanks in advance My best regards Adolfo
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