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  1. Hi gr5, Thanks for reply. I checked all screws on pulleys and motors and YES all screws for motrs and set screws on pulleys were a bit lose. I also checked on feeder as you mentioned I tried pulling hard on the filament and it was pretty okay but I made made it tighter, by tightening the spring on the feeder a bit. my filament always had some teethmarks from knurled bolt. About settings in Cura: I am using corse quality print settings and modified few settings under it. When I started printing for current project after few pieces I changed
  2. Hi, I have Ultimaker Original Plus. In last week I have printed almost 40 hours approximately 5 to 6 hours prints. I noticed some problems in last few prints that were made. 1. infill is not overlapping with Walls in some areas, it got worse in the last print that I had to stop. (pictures attached) 2. parts are way off in weight then what cura shows. 3. printer also makes different noise thhan what it sounded when I started the forst print. 4. In the last print I also noticed that home for X and Y was not correct. (something went off may be missing steps by motor?)
  3. Thanks Framar I saw it online how to do that.
  4. I was thinking about, if there can be selection on cura when you can take a cross section and specify density of infill required. like some joints where infill desity can be higher. or is there something like this available?
  5. Thanks Geert_2, I will try to print something on the glass plate itself and see how it work
  6. Hi IRobertl, Thanks for your reply. I understand what you are trying to say. Please check pictures below. This was my earlier print with Raft as platform adhesion type. In this also Top and bottom layer looks different. Different parts were printed and assembled. In the picture red marked faces are bottom layers, blue marked face is top layer and black marked is portion of Raft face towards build plate. Can this be because of distance between bed and nozzle? , .
  7. Hi All, I need help in fixing my problem regarding bottom layer looking ugly. Top layer is smooth and perfect. and it feels like bottom layer lines are not merged. , Layer height 0.1 mm; Bottom/ Top thickness 0.8 mm; Initial layer thickness 0.3 mm; bottom layer speed 30 mm/s; Bottom was printed on the support structure. But I have seen similar effect when I print it on the Raft as platform adhesion type.
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