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  1. Using Cura 4.4.1 I am seeing a strange behavior, where my first layer severely under extrudes, just a thin, wispy layer that does not usually stick to the bed. I have my machine configured to print a line on the edge of the build plate first to prep the extruder, and this works excellent, but then the first layer fails right after that. The really strange thing is that enabling a raft completely fixes the issue. First layer of rafts print perfect, and I dont have any issues. Using a brim or skirt has the same issues as printing without a raft. Any ideas why this would happen and what I can do to resolve it? I have attached my configuration settings. Thanks! curaProfile.curaprofile
  2. Turns out its your filament diameter, you gotta make sure to update that value in Cura or it will fail this way. it works much better now that I changed it
  3. Im working on calibrating and setting up Cura with my Ord Hadron that i made, every time I print the test cube, a single corner gets messed up every time, as that is where every layer starts. How can I change where each layer begins? is there a setting or something I can change in the Gcode? Cheers, Randomdude
  4. Im using a homebuild ORD Hadron printer with Cura 15.04.6 i recently updated, and ever since the prints have been coming out badly. I have absolutely no clue what happened as i hadn't changed settings before it broke. im including photos of what the prints look like.
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