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  1. How were the results when you tried with another SD card? A long shot, but what type is the SD card you use? We only support standard SD and SDHC cards, the newer card types SDXC and SDUC are not supported. i.e. most cards up to 32Gb are fine, anything larger than 32Gb will fail.
  2. I'm one of the software engineers that worked on the UM2 so we should be able to figure this out. It's very weird and the only thing I can think of is that it is similar to the bug we fixed in firmware v3.3.0 I know you updated the firmware using Cura, but let's double check. Can you go to the maintenance menu and verify the firmware version? It should report as: Mar 15 2018 13:03:13 Vers:_3.3.0
  3. Great to hear the link to the recovery image helped you out. I updated the post to link to the latest 5.2.16 image.
  4. Ultimaker firmware for the UM2.1 Extended can be found here: https://github.com/Ultimaker/UM2.1-Firmware/tree/UM2.1_JarJarExtended Double check the heater cartridge to not have a short circuit, otherwise you will break the switch on the control board. Changing the HEAT1 output to the HEAT2 output is possible by changing the pin numbers in the file pins.h
  5. I can't help with the Pro Bundle, that was developed by another team. Looking at the diversity of the problems I suggest to contact your reseller. Also, as already suggested, check your firmware version and report it here. Upgrade to the latest v5.8.2
  6. Thanks for posting the video. Like I said, it's a weird bug. Weird, because I checked and the pause command is only activated from 2 situations: 1) The user activating the menu option or 2) An M0 or M1 gcode command. Neither of those situations are present... Is it always the same file that's failing?
  7. @wfin73 You are hijacking a topic that has nothing to do with the original question. Please start a new topic for unrelated questions. Short answer: a factory reset should take not much longer than a standard system boot, i.e. about 5 minutes. Power cycle your machine when it takes 20 minutes. Worst case you have to do a new factory reset.
  8. What printer model do you have? How old is your printer? Was it always working correct and now starts failing? What are you doing when it fails? When you are printing, is this with special materials that require higher temperatures? More info will get you better and quicker answers.
  9. Nice and elegant solution to use that more powerful adapter. Just a note: each pin on the connector is rated up to 10A each. You are not allowed to double this capacity by operating in parallel. Safety regulations say that you also have to be within maximum ratings when 1 or more pins break down. So, you are not allowed to combine the two pins in parallel as 1 x 20A What you can do is 2 x 10A. That is, on your controller board you design the electronics in such a way that the bed is powered from 1 connector pin and the other circuits from the second pin.
  10. The article you link to came from this part of the Ultimaker website, there you also find a document named 'End of Life Policy'. When I read that document, then there will be 3 more years of support and spare parts for 3 years after the date the product is announced as 'End of offering'. For the UMO+, UM2+ and UM3 this announcement has not been made yet so you can expect minimal 3 more years of support. When that announcement will be made isn't clear. Given that those printers have a successor model released you might expect it soonish, but I've also seen Ultimaker to c
  11. The help text on the website needs some improvement. First of all, there is most likely no hardware problem. We have two cpu boards communicating with each other, and when there is no communication for 30 minutes, then there follows a safety shut down. What I assume happened here is, you powered up the machine and then you were going to update the firmware. This took some time and the 30 minutes time limit was exceeded. Am I right? If not, can you then explain what you did when the error message appeared? For now, reboot the printer and install the latest firmware a
  12. The latest UM2(+) firmware is included with Cura and had its last update with the Cura 3.3 release in April 2018. There is also a beta version which fixes some bugs but never made it to an official release: https://github.com/Ultimaker/UM2.1-Firmware/blob/UM2.1_JarJar/releases/beta/MarlinUltimaker2plus_20181007.hex (right click on link, and then 'save link as'). These are the changes compared to the v3.3 Cura release: Copied stepper module fixes from UM3 / Open source Marlin project. These fixes solve the problem where during fast movements you sometimes hear
  13. I moved your question to the Cura section of this forum where it will get more attention. I know of some problems in older Cura versions, but the problem you mention here is new to me.
  14. What kind of print core are you using? Is it an original Ultimaker print core? This type of problem in the XY calibration print most likely comes from using a print core with a bad configuration (there is a small programmable memory on the print core). See this thread for how to re-program the printcore. Note that there are different files for Ultimaker print cores and 3dsolex cores. Looking at it again, the 3dsolex 'solution' will not fix this specific error. Leave a note here when you have 3dsolex so I can look into it.
  15. It's been more than 2 years since I worked on that bug fix. We intended to have this new firmware integrated with the Cura 3.3 release, but it might have been delayed till the 3.4 release. This shouldn't matter since everyone is now on Cura 4.8, right? The extra text at the end of the gcode is there for any printers running older firmware from before Cura v3.3, so even the older firmware versions will work correct. I don't see anything weird in the posted gcode. Also the fact that the print did succeed once is an indication the problem is not in the gcode file.
  16. The request to always show the MAC address has been noted. I can't promise if and when we are going to implement it, but it sounds like a reasonable request so I hope we can do it soon. The frame lights can be controlled from gcode with the command: M142 w[0-255] Note the lower case 'w' A value of 0 is off and 255 is completely on.
  17. You are not the first to be confused by the text on the screen. The exact text is: Here we want the user to use the multi-function button in front of the printer. This text is only shown for the rear position. We should've used a more clear wording here to differentiate between the multi-function wheel and the build plate screws. For the other two positions the text is: Here you are supposed to use the build plate screws. A few remarks on the procedure: - There is a flaw, when executing this procedure multiple times, the buildplate will be set higher and h
  18. This is weird, the printer can only start a pause action from two actions: 1) The user selecting the pause option in the menu 2) A pause command in gcode You are sure not to have pressed the menu pause function. Which leaves option 2. Which slicer program are you using? Did you perhaps activate a plugin like 'pause at height" in Cura When still withou clue, can you post the last 50 lines of your gcode file here?
  19. This is on a UM3, isn't it? The second print core is printing too close to the build plate. There are a few things that can cause this and for now I see only two possible options: 1) Do a factory reset from the menu to clear all existing leveling data. It should work correct after this. Perhaps first note the XY offsets for your current print cores to avoid having to do the calibrations again. I always leave them at the default value as the results are good enough for me. or 2) Do not use the automatic leveling. On the smaller bed size from the UM3 this is a nice gi
  20. No, you don't want to tighten your bed that far. The active leveling procedure is a tight balance between the tension of the bed springs and the sping inside the print core. The bed should be manually set at a height of 14mm, see the link in the post from @fbrc8-erin for a detailed description and procedure. The correct height setting in manual leveling is 0.15mm. With a difference of 1mm there will be massive under extrusion for the first layer and poor bed adhesion.
  21. I still think you have Wi-Fi network connection problems. A thought came up: When you setup the S5 for WiFi connection, did you select the correct country settings? And the same for your WiFi router? These settings should be equal in both devices as the allowed frequencies differ for many countries. Selecting different settings in the two devices will result in instable network connections (and is illegal). To exclude wireless network problems, temporarily use an ethernet cable.
  22. I'm not familiar with solutions like Octoprint, but those create a form of network conectivity. What are you missing from those solutions that you would expect from an Ultimaker solution to include?
  23. There is a problem with the right print core, notice how this pattern isn't printed. I suspect the calibration data for the nozzle switching bay got lost or corrupted. Could you try the tests under menu: Maintenance / Diagnostics / Switching test When this shows problems, then calibrate the Switching Bay position under the menu: Maintenance / Calibration / Calibrate lift switch
  24. I don't think the Two Trees Sapphire pro printer is in the list of printers support by Cura. Which printer model did you select when slicing in Cura? What diameter is your nozzle? Did you create this startup code? I can't find this in one of the existing printer models. It looks weird with 2 times the M82 code, you only need one. The M83 looks like an error and will mess up your extrusion (extruding way too much).
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