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  1. The returned length is in mm, so just over 52m in your example. Take the number with a grain of salt. The feature is in a prototype state and wasn't developed further since the flow sensor proved to work so well. The value is an indication but I would count with a 30% margin if you want to be sure. Here a link with info on material lengths for new spools: https://support.colorfabb.com/hc/en-150/articles/360002291617-What-is-the-length-of-filament-on-your-spools-
  2. It is available in the web api of the printer but I don't think we show it in any remote tool like Cura or Digital Factory. Surf to the web page of your printer and you will find an online document about the printer's remote access functions. When you are on the same network as your printer you can enter the next line in your browser and it will show you a value which is the remaining length or -1 when unknown. Example: Replace the by the ip address of you
  3. @CWD_london Please provide more info. What is your system setup? - What printer model do you have? - What firmware version is on your printer? - What material are you printing with? - What nozzle size is mounted? - Is this a recent problem? Did it work correct before? What changed? - Did you change anything to the printer setup (moved or replaced the Ultimaker spool holder?) Many things can go wrong with the flow sensor and I both hate and love this feature. I still feel bad for the print I restarted multiple times because of a flow sensor error, only to discover
  4. You missed the first post in this thread. It has a link to a recovery image which I believe is still the 4.3.3 version. Here is the UM3 v4.3.3 recovery direct link: https://software.ultimaker.com/jedi/releases/UM3_recovery- And the recovery for UM3 v5.2.11: https://software.ultimaker.com/releases/firmware/9511/stable/
  5. I'm currently working on another project, not on the S3/S5 so anything I mention here is from own experience. The bad part is, we are using old software. The good part is, we are using old software. Many bugs have been solved since the original release and I'd like to see many of our libraries updated to newer versions. The good part is that the software is working on thousands of printers with relative few problems and most of the problems are perhaps annoying, but at least known. @Whitespace what changed in your setup for these errors to start occuring? Is it a
  6. IT-departments never cease to surprise me... With a correct DHCP configuration you don't need static ip-addresses. Your DHCP server can be configured to always assign the same ip-address based on a once configured MAC address. Then, for the host name, DHCP has an option to change the hostname as well. So, with a well equipped IT-department they could handle it all themselves instead of you having to do crazy things (and we as well). Note that RFC-1035 says the length is limited to 63 characters. So why your IT-department comes with an 18-character limit is sur
  7. You have two problems that I think are unrelated: 1) After rebuilding your printer the printer shows an ER05 for the Z-axis being broken 2) Cura 4.5 can't upload firmware from a Windows 10 computer I want to focus on problem 1 first, since when we get that working you don't mind about problem 2 anymore. There is an article on this forum where people reported the same problem when the 5V fan connector was connected to the wrong pin header. In the middle of the board is a connector marked JP3 - 8/16 step, when you connect the fan here it causes the stepper moto
  8. Thanks for reporting, it is assigned internal ticket number EM-3499 All our translations are centralized in a widely used tool. Something went wrong and for many languages the hour symbol changed to an 'M'.
  9. M190 with the 'R' option is not supported by the Ultimaker printers (at least not with the current v5.6 of the firmware). What you can do is to add a wait time: G4 S<time in seconds> We did a similar project for series production where we printed 1 PLA object and then used the print head to bump it off the glass plate. So, it is possible but we didn't cool the build plate in between prints. We added the famous blue tape to the build plate so the adhesion of the PLA was good, but weaker than when printing on the glass plate.
  10. Print times do differ between Cura versions but I know that these changes are being monitored with every release and large deviations are being fixed, unless the extra delay improves print quality. A factor 2 difference sounds like a change in settings. Can you share more info? What was the old Cura version and what is the new version you are using? What printer brand & model are you using? Can you post the model?
  11. That's not true, the used material quantity is updated quiet often in the NFC chip. You might loose a few cm of filament but that's within accepted margins. One of the main reasons we never implemented this feature is because we don't know how accurate the filament length is to start with. On the S5 you have the filament sensor which will pause your print at the end of the roll so you can switch to a new roll.
  12. Great to hear your printers are working now! I forwarded your WiFi findings to my colleagues working on the S5 printer's firmware. We had WiFi related problem reports before, but could never reproduce it. Your report gives some new details that hopefully will help find the problem.
  13. @slnielsen Me too would like to hear what problems your IT-department has with our restrictions on the allowed hostname format. We implemented it according the RFC952 standard, but there might be interpretation differences that I'd like to hear about.
  14. @gr5 Thanks. I missed the update to his post. I couldn't explain why v5.1.7 was failing.
  15. Ultimaker never released a dual extruder UM2 printer since we couldn't get it working as reliable we wanted. All 3D printers with a second nozzle have the problem that the other nozzle can damage your printed object, so special measures have to be taken to avoid that. For example, the UM3 printer changes the height of the second nozzle. You can download the UM2+ source code and then change the configuration settings to activate the 2nd nozzle, but without mechanical improvements to change the height of the other nozzle your project will never print reliable.
  16. The S5 with v5.1.8 can't find the update files on the USB drive. This release is already looking for the update files in the new *.swu file format, but soon after the release some changes were made so it needs to update to the intermediate 5.1.94 version which was only released in the older *.tar format. Sorry, we messed up this one and hence v5.1.8 was only available for download for a week I think. I was not directly working on that project, but I think the official work around is to do a network based update. I understand you can't connect the printers to internet? Then I s
  17. What is your firmware version? Have you tried the directions at this page? https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/23129-updating-the-firmware?download=%2Fen%2Fresources%2F23129-updating-the-firmware
  18. Ok, I see some differences in how I performed my test. I will re-try too. How do you perform the Welcome setup steps? Do you execute the steps where you have to load the printcores? I always skip all the steps. I suspect a problem with the switching bay settings. I know you calibrated this but I've seen it fail and couldn't reproduce it. In the maintenance/diagnostic menu there is a 'switching test'. Can you execute the test for switching the second nozzle? Are these running good? Is the right nozzle actually moving down and up?
  19. An old topic, but besides a bad USB drive we recently discovered another root cause for the weird error messages with 'line nr = xxx'. When the line number refers to a gcode line with 'G0' or 'G1' in it, then this is a late error message from Active Leveling. In an earlier stage the Active Level probing failed and that software error wasn't handled. We will have to fix that in software and show a better message, but also check your build plate as it might have a curvature out of specifications. A curved build plate might explain how the error disappeared; perhaps the build plate
  20. @V3DPrinting I'm sorry to hear about your problems. First, yes it is possible to downgrade the software to v4.3.3. Attaching the document failed for some reason, but it was also discussed in this thread. The problems you experience are most likely related to the firmware in the printer and I really like to figure out what is going wrong. I tried reproducing all the steps you mentioned but in my printer that worked correct. So, my guess is you are doing some detail in a different way than I did when trying to reproduce. What printcore type and diameter are you using
  21. I'm sorry to hear of your problems. What firmware version is installed on your printers? V5.4.27 is the latest. There are reports of blobs in v5.2.11 when the printer is connected by WiFi, the solution was to use cable instead but we fixed a bug in v5.4 that should fix that problem.
  22. 1) In the current firmware (v5.5) we don't check the checksum on reading. GR5's method now works and later the correct CRC is written. Checking the CRC on reading is a long standing wish to implement since on some printers the long cable to the printhead creates bad readings. Starting a print with corrupted configuration data can lead to all kind of print failures. So yes, for now GR5's method works but might fail with a future firmware. 2) The nozzle diameter as numeric value isn't ignored. It's currently used in generating the XY-printing pattern and more uses might follow.
  23. @jphahn63 This forum section is about discussing the software (firmware) inside the Ultimaker printers. I don't completely understand your request, but to me it looks like a Cura request which then should be posted in the Cura section of this forum.
  24. Thanks for reporting the 5.3.4 update being marked as 'new' even after installation. This was a problem on our web server and has been fixed now. About the log message for a testing version not being found: Ultimaker uses test releases for people to test new versions that fix problems or add new features. These test releases have not gone through an extensive test procedure and hence are not considered good enough to be released as 'stable'. Since the S3 is a new printer model we never before released a test version and so this message pops up in the log file. To avoid confusion ab
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