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  1. I do print primarily in ABS. As for the closed chamber, I did upgraded my Makerbot-clone to a closed chamber and that didn't seem to help much. As for build volume, I wasn't talking about needing more than the UM2+, I just meant the UM2+ was a candidate because it's bigger than my current printer. --Donnie
  2. So I'm thinking about buying a new printer. My first was an original Makerbox Cupcake and it wasn't very useful. My second was a chinese Makerbot dual extruder clone and it's been pretty good. I've designed and printed a few useful parts using Sketchup plus the software that came with the printer. I know I can probably upgrade some things on the software side and do better, but the printer probably is what it is in terms of resolution and such unless I really want to start hacking, which I don't. I want to buy something that works well. So what's my question? The one problem outside of just general resolution issues and such with my current printer is when I need to print something more than a couple square inches on the build platform. The only way I've found to keep the print from "rolling up" some at the edges is to make a slurry of ABS using acetone. I spread the slurry on the heated platform (which also has kapton tape on it) and that helps...up to a point. If I get above six square inches or so, even that doesn't work sometimes. I've played with different temperatures on the platform, but never found something that works repeatably. One of the reasons I'd want a new printer is for the even bigger build envelope. But that's of little use if I still have trouble with the edges of larger items rolling up. Is that solved these days? And if so, how? Thanks for any pointers on this. The Ultimaker 2+ looks great in so many ways, but this one annoying problem with my current printer is what scares me some. --Donnie
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