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  1. Hi and welcome to the forum.

    It is pretty hard to tell what's up without knowing more. Maybe there is another software installed on your PC that interferes with Python on Windows. Start Cura again, let it crash and  then take a look at the WIndows 10 event viewer viewer. Maybe there will be a clue in there.


    yes your right it was a PlayTV program all along who is doing the crashes i just find out

    hope everyone will see it.

  2. hi all..

    im new here and i need some help please .

    every time when i run Cura ( all versions new and old ) the Pythonw.exe Crashes i download 15.04.6  and the new 2.1.2

    and even older but same problem that pop message Pythonw.exe has stopped working !!!!

    i did restart my PC but nothing changed i checked all the drivers update they are all updated !!!

    so what is the problem here how to fix it ? i run win10 specs is for gaming PC so all the good stuff in there ! and my Printer is Airwolf Axiom

    any help or ideas ill be thankful .


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