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  1. My feedback on the UI: I see that you want to streamline the workflow, but please don't sacrifice too much of the productivity for power-users. Please see the Image for suggestions on the UI. Most of my work with Cura is tweaking the settings to get optimal print, I would like to have a few changes to the UI: Make it possible to rescale the settings panel by dragging on the corener with the mouse, like any ordinary window Make it possible to "snap" the settings pannel to the side of Cura main window, not have it "floating" like it currently is.
  2. I noticed that in the .curaproject.3mf there is a list of recent opened files. This poses a security risk to the creator of the file. A normal user who gives this project file to a third party, normally would not expect that private data is leaked via the 3D-print-project file. This is a severe thread for commercial applications. The private data that could possibly leaked, based on the file names of the recently opened files are: internal project names (folder names) user names (files stored in user profile directory) Used for social engineering attacks other products my company is wo
  3. I have to revise my earlier post a little bit. After contacting the manufacturer, they suggested to heat the filament overnight at 40°C. The problem seems to be the water absorbed from ambient air. However, I had taken the filament freshly from the factory-sealed shrink-wrap packaging. To my surprise this worked! It recovered the bed adhesion and print quality of this batch of filament.
  4. The filament I have this problem with is black RS-Pro PLA, 2.85mm, 1 kg spool (from RS-online.com). The interesting thing is: I have used this same product for ~1 year without any problem. It just started recently, and gcode files that printed good a wile ago, fail now. Smaller prints are OK, but for my current U-shaped object that almost fills the build plate completely, it won't work (>10 failed tries). I noticed that they changed the design of the package, maybe they also changed the composition or it's just a bad batch... I tried with some old original filament, and the build s
  5. I currently have the same Problem, and still trying to solve it. For some reason the nozzle clogs up temporarily and then the feeder grinds the filament to the point that it can barely move (but still works for starting new print). Probably also related to temperature: I increased by + 20°C and it started working, but at that high temperature, the warping was very bad.
  6. Thanks! I was looking for something like that, but it seems I overlooked this.
  7. Dear all, I wanted to print two U-shaped parts in one run. However, if the place parts next to each other, the result exceeds the build plate size. Therefore, I wanted to save space, by intertwining the U-shaped parts, i.e. just shift the one leg of one U-shaped part into the empty space of the second U-shaped part. But Cura detects, that the bounding boxes intersect and moves the parts apart again, so I had to print them in separate runs. I think this feature could be implemented with minimal resources, like with a message box or an advanced option. "Cura detected that the bounding boxes
  8. Hi, the only thing I'm missing on my UM2+Ext is a way to keep track of how much filament is left on the spool. Can you implement a counter in the firmware that keeps track of how many meters of filament were used? I know, the counter has to be manually set when you change the roll of filament, and I won't be super-accurate, but it will be much better than nothing (what we currently have). The counter should be visible either permanently while printing, only for the first 30 seconds when a print is started, or only in some advanced service-menu. If I start a print, the firmware could ask:
  9. Hmm, interesting. This may be a measure of last-resort to sift though that by hand. Also, not all information is saved there, like original file name, placement information,.. Maybe Cura could add an menu item "Restore session from GCode..." Anyway, I posted the topic over a GitHub: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/868
  10. Hi, I would like to have an option to save all the settings and the file name of 3D-file in a "project-like" file. So that, when I open that project again, my model, the orientation it is in, and all the print settings are restored. This is usefull, if you come back after some time and look at what you did when you printed this or that model, how this support setting/pattern/... worked better than that. It's simply not possible and/or practical to recover that from the GCode-files. Thanks!
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