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  1. On 11/9/2017 at 3:57 AM, SandervG said:

    Hi @ShaunNo43, here is a list with error messages. There is mention of ER01, but I am not entirely sure about ER03. Do you perhaps have a photo of the error message, or can you describe what happens when you get it? What is your Ultimaker trying to do, except well.. printing?

    I just started having the same problem after firmware up date !!! Why F did I do that !!! augg !!!!  Ultimaker 2 with olssen block any thing over 240 it shuts down.  the pic.  


  2. Pillowing . Very long time between  updates for me. But the day before update working pertific, now pillowing, small gaps, >04 nozzle it is clean.   Every time I up date cura , Nothing but problems hair pulling, cussing  to get quality of prints . AUGGG! 


  3. ohh, you are a fan of Die Antwoord? Cool! :)

    It is quite hard to see what it is exactly that is happening. The black kinda merges into one big black object. If you want to battle delamination, it is usually recommended to print slower, thicker layers, no fan, and maybe close the front of your Ultimaker 2.

    Have you tried any of these things?


    I add it to one of those things that happens, ran that part 3 more times no problem.

    Die Antwoord, I think they're freaky and I like them a lot!IMG_1115.thumb.JPG.eec120dfedde50f63188dd3c50bd3238.JPG


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  4. Ok I've printed this part many times. the only thing differnt I limited the draft sheild at 8mm and I bumped. Last 5 mins of print out of 4 hours it starts delaminating . At this point it's just a 2mm wide wall 3mm high peeling off. I'm looking at rest of print it looks great. Have pic's will try to get them on here but for some reason now site won't let me upload pic's now?

    abs temp 245 used a lot of mitus filament all of it good

    fan 20%

    .4 nozzle

    brim 10mm

    draft sheild 8mm high

    Complete side note for as much light the Ultimaker 2 puts out , like the worst place in the world to take a pic of your work! What the!

  5. Cura 2.4 starts to open then nothing. deleted all other cura off my machine. windows 10 64 bit

    So tired 2.3.1 . Can't change nozzles unless you tell it + machine. doesn't like to lay stuff flat.

    For fun tried to 2.4 to run and it did. weird.

  6. Hello,

    First time posting on the forum. I have UM2+ that I have been playing with for about a month. I tried out the adhesion sheets with PLA and had similar problems as above with too much adhesion. The part had a fairly large footprint and it simply would not release. Eventually I was able to scrape the part off.

    Is a water soak the best option for removing the damaged sheet (and adhesive)? I tried acetone, IPA, and goo-gone with mixed results. Eventually I was able to remove most of it but it took a lot of time and plenty of elbow grease. Is there a "recommended" procedure for removing the sheets?


    Check you heat range, too hot and it way harder to get off. I've been having good luck with hair spray with abs. There is such a thing as too much glue. so light coats.
  7. Why would you use any kind of oil X, Y shafts? They collect dust.

    Dry spray silicone or the mother of all lubes , Tri flow. Do not collect dust.

    I know Gunsmiths who use these synthetics exclusively on full auto guns. In fact if the z worm gear hadn't came covered in Grease, would be using Tri Flow on it.

    Side note on application of lubes, apply a liberal amount to a lint free cloth then rub on bars.


  8. The heat sticker actually indicated the best adhesive surface of your bed.

    It has two different sides: a hydrophilic and a hydrophobic side. The hydrophilic side is suitable for printing on, this is indicated with the warning sticker. Printing on the other side may affect your bed adhesion. So it could be an idea to put it on the other side, where there is no sticker?

    If you have lost your sticker, you can check which side is which by putting some water on the plate. On the hydrophilic side the water sticks together, whereas on the hydrophobic side the water disperses.


    This is news to me.. been lucky always keep the sticker side up. Maybe do some etching on the down side that won't ever come off?


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