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  1. oh, I forgot - the new firmware from 2.1.3 on the printer says 15.4.....
  2. Hello I had updated Cura from 2.1.2 to 2.1.3 with the firmware update. Now, after every restart from my printer I lost my material profiles and it are resettet to the defaults. I can load new from the sd card, but reload after every start I am not so happy. I use 2.1.2 now, not more 2.1.3. - But I think this is an error? My printers are Um2+ and its the same on both.
  3. For me, the best way shows on the printer's material menu: Export to SD then in the Material.txt file on the card I create a new, or modufy an existing profile Import on printer from SD card
  4. Yes, the profiles shows very different. I think it's depending the selected printer.
  5. Ohh, I found this link what make the problem more clear. https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/20996-gcode-flavours-reprap-vs-ultigcode
  6. Correct, with change of this values I can modify in Cura. But a little warning - as I can see, this all are values, what I can modify on the printer and the print ignore the values from Cura for this cases and use the defaults from the printer.
  7. Sure, yes. Retraction IS enabled, but the other values are all times inactive... I have a lot of values what are every time disabled (in german and english version) for me not made sense values without the possibility to changes. Can be I have a problem with my installation?
  8. Thanks nallath for your reply. As you can see, this values I found but are every time gray, not changable. But with luck I found in the printer men) (on the printer) an entry to change this two values.
  9. Hello My question is only about Cura 2.1. (not 15.xx) To printing a Wood filament I need RETRACTION SPEED 40mm and RETRACTION DISTANCE 5.5mm. In Cura I cannot see or change this values. Are this values saved in the machine json file or in the material file (UM2+)? Is the only solution to modify the json file with a text editor (or the material file from the printer) and how must show my command? Exist a manual/description for this part? I can do this without problems in my Simpify3D and I not will beginning with Cura 15.xx what is EOL. So my question is about a possibility in Cura 2.1 Thanks for a hint
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