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  1. The crossbars on which the print head sits ride on pairs of brackets, each bracket attached to its drive belt. All of a sudden, both of the crossbars are loose in their brackets and can become entirely disengaged, which obviously causes a print failure. Haven't seen any mention of this. Has it happened to other people? Any recommendations for a fix?
  2. OK, here it gets interesting. Here's the start of a brim for three circular pieces. Bear in mind that's immediately after bed levelling! Hairspray on the glass, but it makes no difference - that seems very obviously like too much gap between bed and nozzle. Is it plausible that the buildplate is somehow slipping down after it's levelled?
  3. A similar thing's happened to me in the last few days. No change to software or to printer, but suddenly nothing's sticking any more. Cleaned the plate, re-levelled (four or five times), tried glue stick and hair spray even though I rarely needed them before… the first layer looks fine, but by the time I get a few cm up the print breaks free from the surface. Help!
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