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  1. You're asking the wrong person. All I ever printed myself is PLA, because it's simple to print, and fuel-resistant. The market is moving so fast, and I spend little time on checking the news... but I have seen that there's PEEK filament available by now. IF there would be a tried&proven solution for a dual extruder UM2(+) kit, would there ever be a general (!!!) chance that it received "official" status? Using the foehnsturm solution as an axample, would there be a chance that one day I could download a new Cura version, update my UM2 firmware through Cura, and choose "UM2 foehnsturm
  2. There's a new material called "Scalmalloy", invented by Airbus (they then founded a separate company to make it available to the public). It has pretty much the same mechanical properties as Al7075 (on their website they compare it to titanium, which is stupid Marketing blahzay). I had a part printed there 6 months ago, it's beautiful, even the price tag is OK (twice the price of printing the rather low-tech AlSi10Mg material). r
  3. ivan-lipunov, it's not like engineers "don't take 3D printing technology features into account". That's a quite common misjudgement, bytheway, but I guess it's necessary part of the Makers' "underdog mentality" of being "revolutionaries, ahead of the industry". Just last week I was reading this article, and I was surprised to find out that the author is in fact an engineer himself. I don't even understand the headline, since "the industry" were in fact the pioneer users of 3D printing technology (who else would have had the money to pay for its development?), and I can't confirm any of his "7
  4. Thank You for the insight, Titus. Long story short, I guess we all can agree upon that Ultimaker "sort of promised" (as Daid put it) dual extruders for the UM2, and that the news it won't be possible didn't reach everybody, which caused quite some irritations and anger. For the Ultimaker company, this may probably lead to rethinking some communications aspects, for everybody else it's by now a thing of the past. We can now leave it as it is, or try to change it. It's never too late. I for my part would be willing to put in work for any "UM2(+) dual extrusion" idea as long as it's "open", and
  5. It's a young company. I guess nobody would be upset if they'd ever need to say "due to limited resources und unforeseen complications, we need to postpone our product launch by 4 weeks" (actually, it already happened anyway; if You order now, You'll receive the UM3 in November). Just look at Kickstarter, how many companies have delays? I never cared. Look at Tesla, they're big, and always in delay, and nobody's angry... I tried to keep it short, too. I failed miserably, as always. This applies to parts that were meant to be 3D-printed from the beginning. It does not apply if You w
  6. Well, I initially did not want to jump in on that discussion, also because I already ranted extensively on Facebook, but.... Meduza, I don't know why You keep talking "on behalf of" the Ultimaker company, especially when You start acting rude towards disappointed customers (the "bullshit" comment), especially when Your comments contradict the official staff... I agree with most things that CCA1 wrote, and mostofall, I can understand his point of view (because I am pretty much in the same position), while You obviously can't. While an ultimaker for most people is "a hobby", and for some peop
  7. I'd be interested to help implement dual extrusion to UM2(+). Actually, that's why I bought that UM2 in the first place... :( r (mechanical engineer; 18 years of experience in special machinery, manufacturing machines, product development)
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