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  1. My first print on the Ultimaker, it jammed and clogged, it melted enough PLA that molten PLA got stuck inside the bowden tube, I had to slap it across the counter over and over until it finally had enough force to send the clogged piece flying out of it. For a long time it seemed like every time I tried to print it was just failure after failure, and to this day I face a few issues here and there but that initial disappointment was a huge deal. These things are definitely high maintenance to a degree, but 90% of the time they run like a dream.
  2. Old topic, I know, but I am getting this problem too, is anyone who has this problem using an Oiler? I have a theory, when I cleaned my nozzels last, I noticed a lot of burnt bits within the Nozzle, which I think is cooked oil residue, like how when PLA ran through an oiler gets stuck on the outisde of the nozzle, it leaves behind a brown stain when it is cleaned off. Those stains are constantly being built up on the inside. My theory is that perhaps this is bits of cooked oil buildup from printing at such high temps. I use Canola Oil and it has worked very well for me and solved many many
  3. Did you ever find a proper solution to your problem Tobus? I am having this exact issue with Wood filament only. *UPDATE* I figured I'd just pull a big load of filament off of the spool to try and get past the 'bad' area, it was a theory... Turned out to be spot on I suppose, working handy dandy now :] *Update again* Looks like the issue is not resolved. I am going to wait until it is not raining to see if it is the filament absorbing moisture. I can load it just fine, it comes out of the head and everything, then mid print just stops extruding. If I catch it I can jack the temp up and
  4. I have been printing a lot lately making gifts for the Holidays, now it seems my .6mm Nozzle has outlived it's use. I have been searching online but I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to locate a retailer for .6mm Nozzles. Does anyone know a reliable source where I can get .6mm brass nozzles that take 2.85mm filament? I have found the difficulty to find this part for purchase to be rather startling.
  5. Well, I fixed it. I was afraid of doing this at first but I did it, and I'm going to post my fix so it is made known. I had to take the head unit apart, after pulling the lower piece down, I pushed the cable from the top down to give some slack, keeping the 3 black pieces together, I was then able to heat the head up and pull the piece out at 90°C. Re-assembled, but I'm too tired to test if it's in working order now. Photo is after I removed the stuck piece.
  6. A friend asked if I could print him something, my filament snapped near the spool, After removing the filament, I started to do the Atomic Method to clean the head. After the head cooled to 90°C, I tried to remove the filament and not all of it came out... I removed the nozzle, but there is still filament stuck inside the head. I can see it when I look down the heater block where the bowden tube goes, but it's about 2 inches into the block, I cannot grab them with tweezers as it is out of reach, and I don't think trying to poke anything into the bottom blindly is a good idea.. Any help
  7. Success! I snipped off about 4 feet of PLA from the spool, instead of changing splicers, I rotated the part 90 degrees to see if printing it in a different area would give me any results. Worked like a charm. The PLA did have grinded areas, I believe I may have been hitting a patch on my spool that was just weaker than the rest perhaps? Thanks again everyone for your support, it means a lot, good printing to you all!
  8. I did everything I said I would do, and I tried to print the Heart Necklace that came with the printer, and it came out fine 8) Now instead of trying to re-print the same code that kept failing, incase it was the code itself causing me to have to repeat the atomic method, I'm going to change slicer software and see if it was a bug within the code that caused the issue. I will keep you updated on the progress, again thank you to everyone for your support. The piece I am trying to print is the 1st half, center section left side part 2 cut of the Hawkmoon Pistol model, it is one of 18 part
  9. Allow me to gather my data, I have just had another print fail about 7 minutes in, I took video of what was happening. I am going to do the atomic method again, cut off about 4 feet of PLA from my spool, re-level my bed, and try one more time. If it fails again, I will repeat the above steps and change the spool with a new spool that is still sealed. I have tried printing other objects to no avail.
  10. I have the print bed settings at its highest, the adhesion is fine, the nozzle temp at 210 is as high as I'm comfortable with for PLA. I actually just went to the store to buy some oil for the filament, and am going to do the atomic method again, and air-brush my spool off to ensure there is no dust. I will look into an oiler, I did not know those existed for 3d printers. Thank you everyone for your enlightenment, it has truly been helpful and re-assuring to know there is a community of people out there willing to give their advice to newbs like me.
  11. I greatly appreciate the reply, I'll watch it again and see if you are correct, though when I watch the part I can see the nozzle with clearance above the part, failing to extrude. Allow me to run another test though and see where it gets me.
  12. I've been running into this issue for about 2 days now. I have had my ultimaker for 3 weeks, and have printed quite a few things, and a few failures that required troubleshooting, I cleared my bowden tube, did the Atomic Method, cleaned my build plate and nozzle relentlessly, all I can think of to do now is to take apart the extruder and get the bolt out, cleaning it off. I just don't understand why the skirt prints fine every time, while the part itself seems to become a dotted line and then all extrusion stops. I have tried this on multiple parts, each part seems to do the same thing now.
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