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  1. Brilliant! Nice job. My best friend is Tiger mad, he has one tattooed across his back. He would love this. Nice work, thanks for sharing.
  2. Would you need to use Ultimaker cleaning filament for this or will a PLA hot/cold pull clear an ABS blockage?
  3. Hey guna, Do you also have an S5? Is your problem under extrusion? And the filament ends up grinding because it can't feed through, like a blockage, but when you clear it, it seems fine? Interesting that ABS works and not PLA, but that may be explained by the different temperature requirements. In my case it was definitely because the front cooling fan was not running as identified by Smithy. Since I got that going everything is working perfectly. Check your fan is running once the print core gets over 50 degrees. You can check this through the
  4. Hey Smithy, You're a gun! The front fan had stalled! I gave it a nudge and it's back in action. I must admit I had noticed it wasn't going, but for some stupid reason I dismissed it because I thought it was the linked to the print cooling which is off for the first couple of layers. Of course it's for the cores and not the print. I should have noticed the familiar whir was missing. Not sure why it was stuck, I keep it really clean. I'll keep an eye on. SandervG/Smithy, thank you both for jumping on this so quick, I really appreciate the support
  5. Hi SandervG, Thanks for your quick reply. No material station, it's just a standalone S5. I've cleaned both print core pcb's, although I assume these are independent of each other and unlikely to both fail at the same time. If I change the filament t extrudes correctly. If I remove the bowden tube I can feed it manually. I can feed it through the controls on the front and it extrudes. As soon as I try and print something it stops extruding and grinds the filament. It comes up to temp quick enough, about the rate you suggested above.
  6. I'm going nuts! All of a sudden both nozzles on my S5 are printing like they are blocked. I've done hots pulls, cold pulls I'm now pulling my hair out. They are both clean and extrude fine manually. I can even see light through the nozzle so I assume it's ok, but not long after the print starts the filament stops feeding. The extruder is trying to feed, if I let it go long enough it starts grinding. I've tried three different brands of PLA filament including a brand new one. As I write this it has just thrown up an error that the print core is taking too long to warm up and has crashed. If the
  7. Hi Guys, This has happened twice now in the last two days on my new S5. In my case its at the extruder end. If I cut a small piece off at this end I lose the bevelled edge. Will this affect the filament feeding into the bowden?
  8. At least each one is unique! 🙂 You could sell them as art......to pay for the filament. 😉 Have you tried using supports, or are you avoiding that in case it impacts on the final quality? Unfortunately any supports that reach to the top are going to add a lot of material and time.
  9. Hey donogh, you might not have gotten your desired result yet, but I love your 'mistakes'
  10. I just got my S5 and was surprised to find this wasn't available. Layers are the fundamental core for this type of printing. I don't think the S5 was designed for the casual user. It would seem like a reasonable and easy compromise to have it s an option in settings. UM please seriously consider including it. I'm tired of having to open a separate browser to find the current Z position.
  11. Thanks Smithy, good to know. Just got my S5 a few days ago, so still doing everything by the numbers until we get some hours clocked up. So far adhesion is superb, even with ABS. PVA has been more of a challenge.
  12. Maybe we could tin both sides and get rid of the sticker :). You could then also flip it over and use for a new print.
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