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  1. Still seeing some gaps @ layer_height = 0.15. Is it the STL that's causing the problem?
  2. Here is a comparison of the layers with the photo. The cura mesh with 0.15mm (1st image) layers seems to have tighter contours than the one with 0.25mm (2nd image), which I'm assuming would be less of a problem for the printer. Both images contain the same photo. I'll try a print later with 0.15mm and compare.
  3. Hi, I'm printing one of the 3dlabprint planes, which is mostly hollow with some support structures. Using the default settings and a speed of 60mm/s I had some under-extrusion problems leading to weak layers. I have increased the flow % to 105 and also increased the PLA temperature to 215 degrees, and also slowed the print to 40mm/s and things are much better. The 3dlabprint guide states the following: Retraction This very depends on your printer quality and filament. If you find underextrusion at layer startpoints increase “extra restart distance” this value add some extra filament after retraction, 0.5-0.2 works (if your slicer is able to) 0.7mm retraction for non-bowden extruders usually works , for bowden 4-6mm is OK, we need retraction for all spots not only for outer perimeters! Sometimes a little bit of vegetable oil applied before print on filament helps (200mm) Does anyone know where I would make these changes, either in cura or ultimaker settings? I'd like to see if these make things better, or allow me to increase the speed with out reducing strength. Even with my current settings when printing steep angles there are some slight weaknesses between layers.
  4. I'm assuming its an under extrusion problem. I'm experimenting with lower print speed. Also might increase temperature slightly. Some resources I found: http://www.ideato3d.be/tutoriels/why-does-my-printer-under-extrude/ http://support.3dverkstan.se/article/30-getting-better-prints https://www.3dhubs.com/talk/thread/best-printing-practices-ultimaker
  5. I'm printing a hollow object, but a I get slightly stripy prints and around the edges there are some small gaps. Also I see some small blobs in places. Please see photos. What could be causing this. I'm using the Ultimaker2+
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