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  1. Hi Tim. I also bought this kit but gave up on it. It appears that you got it to work. Is the machine fully functional and still capable of nice prints? I would love to hear more. I have the 2+Extended and could pay you for a working hex file.
  2. Hello community, I was wondering if anybody out there has this kit and has it working with the heated bed. And if so I'd love to hear how you did it. I bought this kit about 2 months ago and still cant get it to work.
  3. I just reinstalled the default firmware through Cura and everything works again. Is it possible to get an uncompiled version of this. Thanks neotko. I appreciate your time spent trying to help.
  4. Hello neotko, I just uploaded the Ultimaker/UM2.1 JarJarExtended files. In the bed leveling process the bed height looks good but of the 3 locations the print head cycles through the first location is wrong. Instead of moving to the center rear it moves to center front then moves back along Y then left and right along X. The 2nd and 3rd locations look right. The first location seem backwards. The home head works fine. Here's the new echo from JarJarExtended. Connecting... start Printer is now online. echo:Marlin 1.0.0 echo: Last Updated: Aug 7 2016 09:28:58 | Author: Version DEV Comp
  5. Thanks for the help neotko, Here's the echo info. Everything homed properly in pronterface. Connecting... start Printer is now online. echo:Marlin 1.0.0 echo: Last Updated: Aug 6 2016 23:27:03 | Author: Version DEV Compiled: Aug 6 2016 echo: Free Memory: 1682 PlannerBufferBytes: 1232 echo:Stored settings retrieved echo:Steps per unit: echo: M92 X80.00 Y80.00 Z200.00 E369.00 echo:Maximum feedrates (mm/s): echo: M203 X300.00 Y300.00 Z40.00 E45.00 echo:Maximum Acceleration (mm/s2): echo: M201 X9000 Y9000 Z100 E10000 echo:Acceleration: S=acceleration, T=retract acceleration
  6. Hello tinkergnome, I tried this firmware. It's not configured for the 2+Extended. During the bed leveling process the plate stops way short and the head moves to the front of the plate(instead of the rear) and only moves in the x axis throughout the process. Tried looking for the 2+ on GitHub but couldn't find it. Any help would be appreciated. thanks
  7. Hello neotko,The link to the power source didn't work but I found this one on Amazon. Is this the one?
  8. Thanks gr5, I was also wondering does the power supply send out a 5v and 24v or just 24v.
  9. Thanks tinkergnome I appreciate the help.
  10. Thanks for the help. I already have the hex files and have been through their site many times. I'm going to try disconnecting the secondary heating elements in both nozzle heating blocks and if this works I'll try another power source.
  11. Does anybody Know where I can find the 2+Extended firmware(not the hex file? If possible could you post a link? Also, can I edit it with Arduino IDE? I would love to learn more about it. Is there a Marlin for Big Dummies book available? Any help would be appreciated. thanks
  12. Hello anon4321, Thanks for the response. The power goes out then back on. When the power comes back its the same as when the machine is powered on from the off state. The Ultimaker greeting is displayed then the first menu.
  13. Does anybody know if this type of power source would work on the Utimaker 2+Extended. And if not, why? This pic is a 24v 300w.
  14. Hello neotko, I was wondering, are u using the Creatr firmware or the Marlin? Have you tried another firmware? paid to much for this kit to give up. Determined to make it work with or without Creatr. I did get a response from a community member that said he got it working with another firmware that he modified. Marlin mega something. He sent me a link to down load but was unsure if it was the right one. It didnt work for my machine. Still had the shut down issue and didn't appear to be configured for Extended+. Need to do some more research. Maybe the issues are all firmware related.
  15. Hello pluggedin, I bought and installed the kit weeks ago. I'll try to summarize my experience as best as I can. For starters, still doesn't work. The installation instructions need work. the kit doesn't ship with any. It's all on line. The online documentation for this product say that it ships with every thing you need including the software. Not true in my experience. Online documentation also states that its guaranteed to work. So far it doesn't. What makes this expensive indevour so frustrating is the support. Your emails can takes weeks to be answered. In my mind this product shouldn
  16. Hello gr5, I don't have the information at the moment but I have another question. I have a dual extrusion kit. The hotends are pulling over 3amp each(80+w). Cant print because the machine shuts down. I added up the max current draw of the head cooling fans, bed, 1 nozzle, LED's. The value exceeds my power supply. I measured the current draw of the stock nozzle heater block at 1.4amps(33.6w). Less than half the setup is trying to pull now. Could the power shutdown be caused by power allocation within the firmware.
  17. My readings were taken with a Fluke 374 True RMS digital clamp meter. The 6.5 Amp reading was obtained in min/max mode and measures the current fluctuation then shows the minimum, average and maximum. 6.5 was the max. This paragraph came from Fluke. Thanks for your response. A more sophisticated true-rms meter can accurately measure both pure waves and the more complex nonsinusoidal waves. Waveforms can be distorted by nonlinear loads such as variable speed drives or computers. An averaging meter attempting to measure distorted waves can be up to 40% low or 10% high in its calculations. The
  18. That's still to much current for my power source. gr5 said that the mother board pathways are identical for the hot end and heated bed. The bed is listed at 7.5amps so I'm guessing the hot end board path can handle the same. Does the marlin firmware require power source specifics. I looked on e-bay and there's plenty of options for under$100.00. 24v 12,13,14 and even 15 amp. Just need to add cords. So this would work. I just don't know much about the information the firmware requires to add this type of power source.
  19. Are you sure their 80W. 80w divided by 24 volts is 3.333333Amps. I used a fluke 374 clamp meter in min/max mode to check current on the bed(6.5amps), LED's(0.3amps),dual cooling fans on the head(0.3amps)(I don't mean the 2 material cooling fans).one heating element of the hot end(1.7amps). If those blocks are 80w that over 10 amps. just for those 4 items. And that's not everthing at work. I didn't want to cut the cord on the expensive stock power source to check the overall current draw.
  20. Thanks for the response gr5. Every bit helps. The hot plate has 7.5amps printed on it but I measured it with a fluke clamp meter at 6.5amps during its operation. To answer neotko's "What hot end is that". They 're part of the Creatr 2X Dual extrusion kit. Almost identical dimensionally to the olssen block. Three holes in the back to accommodate 2 heating elements and 1 temp sensor. Slight offset on the screw that comes out the top of the block that enters the bottom plate. A new bottom plate ships with the kit. These blocks heat up rapidly but because of the extra wire mass they cant b
  21. My 2+ Extended keeps shutting down at the end of the bed preheat right before it preheats the nozzle before a print. After the shut down it immediately restarts. If I try to print a again, after restart, it shuts down about 1/2 way through the bed preheat. Sooner than before. Theres no shutdown during manual preheat for bed and nozzle individually. If I slice with the heated bed turned off I don't get a shutdown but still cant print because feeder 1 is inverted. If I revert back to default firmware and unplug the kit hardware and plug in the original nozzle the machine works. The nozzle
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