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  1. Update : I still had my old print head closeby and plugged only the fan into my board. The fans worked. I was able to pinpoint the problem to one of the fans and replaced the faulty one. They now work properly. What threw me off is that they were working fine but were not starting at the proper time. That's why I didin't think of the fans being the problem right away. So for future reference, if the fans starts acting funky that may be one of the fans that is on his final stretch. I don't know why the fan broke. Hopefully, it's not the board that killed it. Time will tell. Thank You.
  2. Thank you for the response. I am currently down to the board and I've tried setting the fan speed in the tune menu and they don't start. I've pushed the fan with my fingers and one of them started turning slowly that's the best I can get from it. On my last test print. the fans didin't start at all. I've checked and they are plugged correctly I am gonna check the voltage from the plug next.
  3. Hello, I am currently using two Ultimaker Machine. One is the UM2 Extended and the other one has been converter to a UM2 Extended +. I am having a strange problem with the UM2 E+ machine, the external fans starts really late in the print, at about 4mm. I've set the layer and height in cura for the fan to start at 0. The strange thing is that when I use the same file in the UM2 E machine the fans start right away. I am using cura 2.1.2 and I have just updated the printer firmware. Does anyone have an idea what's going on? Thank You
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