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  1. Sorry for my long delay. Unfortunately this is a hobby for me at this point and I have not had time to mess with it lately. Let me try to re-state my problem a little more straightforward. I set up a print in Cura. I set the main temp, "printing temperature" for extruder 1 and extrude 2 with the desired temp value (just the top level temp, not all of the sub temp settings you referred to above. I leave them set to the default for the type of material it is). I save the file to the USB stick. Put it in the printer and print the file. Extruder 1 automatically goes to 100°C not what I have it set
  2. I am having a wierd issue today, where I setup Cura (3.2.1) to set extruder 1 to 210°C. I save the file normally to a USB. Then insert it into my UM3 and print the file. After everything warms up I go to the tune menu to check to see if the build plate and extruder temps are set correctly and 2 of 3 settings are perfect but extruder 1 is not. They should be set to: Extruder 1 = 210°C, Extruder 2 = 220°C and build plate at 60°C. Extruder 2 and the Build Plate are perfect. Extruder 1 only goes to 100°C and that's it? Obviously I could manually edit it up to 125°C, but that is obviously not going
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