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  1. I have to take those settings in cura to make the print as perfect with if it's print with the SD card... name=PLA temperature=225 temperature_0.40=225 retraction_length_0.40=6.50 retraction_speed_0.40=25.00 temperature_0.25=225 retraction_length_0.25=6.50 retraction_speed_0.25=25.00 temperature_0.60=230 retraction_length_0.60=6.50 retraction_speed_0.60=25.00 temperature_0.80=240 retraction_length_0.80=6.50 retraction_speed_0.80=25.00 temperature_1.00=240 retraction_length_1.00=6.50 retraction_speed_1.00=25.00 bed_temperature=55 fan_speed=100 f
  2. I have a problem like this one but I really took the same model to print the part. The only this I change is that I scale the model when I print it with my SD card because I was short on filament left on my spool. On the left, it is the cura 3.1 slice model. the GCODE send to octoprint. With reprap GCODE... On the right, it is the cura 3.1 slice model, transfert to SD card...with ULTIGCODE Why with octoprint those print settings is bypass from the ultimaker 2+ firmware??? The filament temperature The bed temperature
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