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  1. I have to take those settings in cura to make the print as perfect with if it's print with the SD card... name=PLA temperature=225 temperature_0.40=225 retraction_length_0.40=6.50 retraction_speed_0.40=25.00 temperature_0.25=225 retraction_length_0.25=6.50 retraction_speed_0.25=25.00 temperature_0.60=230 retraction_length_0.60=6.50 retraction_speed_0.60=25.00 temperature_0.80=240 retraction_length_0.80=6.50 retraction_speed_0.80=25.00 temperature_1.00=240 retraction_length_1.00=6.50 retraction_speed_1.00=25.00 bed_temperature=55 fan_speed=100 flow=100 diameter=2.85 But why on octiprint I can adjust the tool and the bed???
  2. I have a problem like this one but I really took the same model to print the part. The only this I change is that I scale the model when I print it with my SD card because I was short on filament left on my spool. On the left, it is the cura 3.1 slice model. the GCODE send to octoprint. With reprap GCODE... On the right, it is the cura 3.1 slice model, transfert to SD card...with ULTIGCODE Why with octoprint those print settings is bypass from the ultimaker 2+ firmware??? The filament temperature The bed temperature
  3. The silver part is the airflow deflector... https://www.youmagine.com/designs/airflow-deflector You suggest to remove it?
  4. Can someone help me with PETG setting in cura? The MAJOR problem...OOZING that cause opening in the print when it drop from the nozzle in the print. One factor of accumulation on the nozzle is when it print the infill... the junction of the infill with the wall are peel-off... I slow down the infill speed because it underextrude...but nothing change... I try underextruding (material flow%) at 99% and it's a complete fail.. There is my cura settings... thanks to help me
  5. Im in the process to design a new shrould single nozzle. I have the following inputs for my design: I use TAULMAN 910 alloy to print the shroud. I have the Olsson block. I want to put the output as closer possible to the nozzle. I left enough space to change the nozzle without removing the shroud. I add a pivot at the back so I don't need to remove the 4 side screws....Only the 2 front I added. I judge more accurate so I don't need to re-center the shroud with the nozzle and the parallelism with the builtplate each time when I need to clean the Olsson block. The questions: 1-Is that normal to reduce fan flow? 2- With more efficient cooling, Is that normal to crank the melting temperature? 3-With TAULMAN 910 alloy, do I need to put some KAPTON tape? For PETG for example, I drop 10% of the fan flow (original shroud 50%) and crank 5°C the temperature to compensate...with a 0.4mm nozzle... For the PLA for example, I crank 30°C the temperature to compensate...with a 0.25mm nozzle...Buy the way, is that normal that the default setting for 0.25mm is 195°C...and the 0.4mm is 210°C? Now, I set the temperature to 225°C... thanks to reply
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