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  1. Hi all. Just installed the latest firmware via Cura for the Ultimaker2extended. Having an issue where the feeder isn't accepting the filament which I am trying to feed into it... Any ideas guys.... Thanks!
  2. Hi both, Thanks for the replies! I gave the bed a good clean and also realigned the bed with the nozzle. It now appears to be laying down the filament as expected! Thanks again, appreciated!
  3. Hi all, First post here... Having a few issues with Ultimaker 2 extended not extruding filament consistently. I have attached a few images which will probably show you the issue straight away. It seems that the extruder is not applying the filament to the bed consistently. I have cleaned the nozzle out using the atomic cleaning method and also tried using a different filament. For this particular print I have been using the UM2E Colourfabb PLA setting that we have been using since we had the printer. I have also printed out a Ultimaker test robot which came out fine and the first layer went down as normal. If you have any thoughts on what the issue could be, that would be great. Thanks guys!
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