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  1. @chrisw thank you for your feedback
  2. @gr5 ok thank you...after some testing I have found a good method and I am having fairly good success
  3. @sandervg wanted to let you know I was able to figure some things out with detailed testing. Thank you for your feedback
  4. @gr5 Would you recommend pausing after first layer is laid and physically squashing that layer into the plate?
  5. Was wondering if anyone could lead me into a better direction regarding layer height. I am currently printing detailed faces of famous individuals. (mainly athletes and musicians) In my research I'm finding that layer height is the foundation for your level of detail in your prints. From my understanding a thinner layer height will produce a more detailed print. Does anyone have a setting they have used that has produced an optimal result? On another note I am currently printing with PETG.
  6. @gr5 Right now I have used a range of fan speed normally around the 10% range. Thank you for the response I am going to try the wood glue solution you recommended. I will let you know if I have similar success.
  7. Thank you for your response. In objects printed with flat bottom what did you find useful and securing it down? I currently use kapton tape.
  8. [/media][/media][/media] Thank you for your detailed answer. I am gonna do some further testing using your advice. Have you experienced a certain fan level that seems to be ideal? I have played around with no fan and a small percentage of fan normally less than 25%. It appeared to me that some levels were not cooling enough and the next level was interfering with it. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.
  9. I purchased an Ultimaker 2 extended+ about 2 months ago. I printed with PLA during this time. Recently have decided to start printing with PET-G. Does anyone have any recommendations with this filament. I have flirted with different temperatures ranging from 245-260C at the nozzle with the build plate between 60-100. Each print seems to be warping. I'm not sure what I need to do with the fans and retraction settings. I am using CURA Does anyone have any recommendations?
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