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  1. Yes I'm aware that there are many smaller nozzles out there, but what I would be most interested about is the dual extrusion with different sized nozzles/layer heights. So you can make the base of the part with a larger nozzle and add the details with the smaller. So I was wondering if there is something in the works or if someone has made it work already. Since Cura doesn't seem to support different layer heights on each core yet. It would cut printing times by a lot if you could print only the outer layer with 0,06 layer height and small nozzle and use the other nozzle for infills and inner shells. So you don't have to print the whole object with the highest detail if there are large straight walls for example. It would help the print cleanup and prepping models for painting quite a bit.
  2. As someone who likes to print small things such as 28mm figures for roleplaying and boardgames I've used a lot of 0,25 mm nozzle on my ultimaker 2+ I'm anxiously waiting for the announcement for different size print cores for the 3. I was browsing 3dprinting subreddit and noticed E3D announcing a new 0,15 mm nozzle for very small prints and the details you could achieve with such tiny nozzle sizes are truly amazing. But with such high detail, as many us know, come long print times. Which comes even more unbearable when you're printing 16 hours for something that is the size of a sugarcube. As much as dual extrusion of PVA supports have made prints easier what I am even more excited about for the future would be dual extruding same color PLA with different nozzle sizes in each core. It would cut the printing time immensely if you could put the basic shape of the print together with 0,4 mm nozzle and use 0,25 mm (or even smaller like the E3D nozzle) for the fine details. I don't have the UM3 so I'm not yet familiar with all that is possible with the dual extrusion. But does Cura have support for different sized nozzles used at the same time or is it planned for the future? I'm also curious if it is already possible to have different layer heights for each core? Anyone else have high hopes and ideas to do with different size print cores?
  3. I'm in no way unhappy with my UM2+, quite the opposite. It fits my needs well and I eventually decided against dual extrusion since I don't really need it in daily use. But it would have been nice to have. People often dream about buying new cars even though they have one that perfectly fits their needs don't they? Dual extrusion opens up possibilities you can't do otherwise and it would have been nice to be able to do that on occasion. Of course we aren't sure what UM3 brings to the table yet so it's hard to compare the models fully. This was in no way meant as a serious complain or that I would like to return my still quite new printer. I just feel like my new dream printer was launched 3 months after I bought mine and now I have the need to find space in my house for a new one already If I had the money, or the need for dual printers hehe.
  4. I got my Ultimaker 2+ in july after much thinking and comparing different 3D-printers and finally decided 2+ was the way to go for it's quality and reliability even though I drooled over printers with dual extrusion. I don't regret choosing Ultimaker at all and I'm very happy with it.. Until I saw the awesome new teaser prints on the site. Already I would like to get the UM3 but buying the 2+ already took most of my savings. Anyone else in the same boat? Recently buying UM2+ and cursing that they didn't wait a few months? I dreamed so much about dual extrusion printer but decided against it when they didn't seem as good as UM overall. As the new version will probably be so updated I don't think there is an upgrade package in the making as they did with 2 to 2+.
  5. Thanks for the welcome and the quick answer. I have been using Atomic Pull with PLA but I've had trouble getting CPE to bond properly with it and with the different temperatures required with each material I thought it had slim chances of working. I guess I can feed the nozzle enough PLA to get all the CPE out before performing the pull but I thought I could just use the method with a piece of CPE as well.
  6. My Ultimaker 2+ just recently arrived and I've been trying out different prints with different settings to learn the most of it. Recently I started working with Ultimakers own CPE filament and I've been having difficulties trying to use the Atomic Method to clean out the nozzles, I can't seem to narrow down the correct temperature to get it off cleanly. Any tips? For this problem or a starting enthusiast in general
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