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  1. Thanks for the reply. I've uploaded some photos of first layer fun at https://goo.gl/photos/JrSexQV8pC7APQfa7 - you can see some in-progress where the print head appears to be running over the layers it just put down. I've definitely leveled the bed (several times, at various different levels) and cleaned the bed with hot water and Windex (ammonia-based glass cleaner). This has always been our process in the past without problems. Increasing and decreasing the nozzle temperature made no difference; I varied 10C +/- from 210C on the blue print in the album, in 5C increments, with no visible difference. Varying the bed temperature, which has worked previously, is actually having negative effects now; in the last grey print in the album that was varied up from 60C to 80C with a stop at 70C without any real impact (other than it getting worse at the end). Any other ideas? Thanks!
  2. Howdy fellow makers! I've recently upgraded an Ultimaker2 to an Ultimaker2+ with the official kit, and ever since the upgrade, we've been having nothing but problems with bed adhesion and curling. We're printing with PLA, with the new UM2+ firmware installed from Cura 15.04.6, but the "usual" 210C/60C head/bed temps for PLA just aren't working. The only thing I've found so far that seems to help with first-layer problems is ratcheting the bed way up to 85C - this at least allows the first layer to come out smooth, whereas at 60C it seems like the head is constantly running over the previous row with every row of fill it prints. But this isn't perfect, and we're still getting curling sometimes later in the print, depending on the shape. I've tried ramping the fan down, which helps at least somewhat with the curling at later layers, but it just seems... way different than it ever behaved before. Has anyone else had this type of problem with a UM2+, either upgraded or stock? Any other ideas of things to try? Thanks!
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