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  1. ABS. Aarrgh. :( Tried many different glue, hair spray, 110degF build plate, small files, medium files.... No luck. Only stuck at all once and then the edges began to curl up. I will just stick to PLA for now. Still need to try files with a brim but currently nothing sticks initially. Thanks for all of the advice!
  2. Thanks! I have a bad spool of filament, it is very brittle! I have had a number of successful prints once I cleared the bad, brittle filament. Are the little blue clips "optional", they do not seem to stay on or do very much anyway? Trying some new ABS filament now. Really excited, I teach high school and this is a big step up from our New Matter 3d printer.
  3. I have a new UM2 just out of the box. The provided silver filament seemed brittle where it attached to the spool, but I just broke it off and proceed to try to start the setup. The filament jammed in the tube but after reading these posts I was able to pull it out. Just had my first successful print after figuring out the build plate settings! Thanks!
  4. Just setting up a new UM2, just out of the box, I was following the setup instructions then came to the filament feed steps. I am using the supplied Silver Metallic 2.85 mm filament (which looks a little bigger than 3 mm). Immediately the UM2 seemed to be struggling to grab the filament so I pushed the filament. The filament grabbed but then stalled again even though the feeder was turning and jumping. I continued to push and this worked for about 10 slow inches of feed. I noticed that the top inch of filament was broken. The feeder is skipping and will not feed the broken filament. I have not been able to remove the feed tube to clear and do not know how to reverse the feed. So I just turned off the power. Thanks for any help. FYI My only previous experience was with a New Matter MOD-t which has the feeder in the print head.
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