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  1. Hello everyone, I am facing a problem with my Ultimaker 2 Extended+ printer. The support material is not being printed in a nice way. I am sending a picture showing my problem. I saw that the nozzle was hitting the support, and I activate the Z Hop When Retracted, Z Hop only over Printed Parts and Z Hop Height = 0.5 mm. However, the printer is still hitting the support material. Before that, I tried to use only Z Hop When Rectracted and Z Hop Height = 1.0 mm. However, I was having under extrusion problems soon after the Z Hop thing. So, I modified these options to the option mentioned before. This was the under extrusion problem I had when I used Z Hop for everything: So, does anyone know how I can avoid bad support material and under extrusion in my prints?
  2. Thank you. I notice these "tidal waves" when printing the first layer. Looks like the nozzle was really too close. For now, I got a good result. I tried to level the buildplate again making it a bit more loose and now the material have stick in the plate. Now, I got something like 90% good (I can still notice some small waves when the nozzle pass through some regions). PS: I also flipped the glass, but I didn't notice anything different.
  3. Hello everyone, It has being almost 6 month since we bought an Ultimaker 2 Extended+, and we were printing things without any problems. However, today I am facing a very bad warping problem in our printer. The first layer of everything I am trying to print is warping. I tried the following: - Leveled the buildplate making the space between the nozzle and the plate smaller: This helped with the warping. However, the layer become too squeezed and the print quality decreased a lot. - Changed the buildplate temperature to 40C, 50C, 60C, 65C and 70C: no difference in the warping. - Used some glue: the warping has decreased, but is still present. - Used a material from another brand: decreased the warping, but it was still present. I don't know what else should I do. Any clues? Or my 3d printer is broken? Here are some images showing the warping I am facing:
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