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  1. UMO+ was around 995 when I purchased it. The upgrade extrusion parts will run you 400. Seems like your saving some cash. If you love tinkering, adjusting then go after the UM0+, if not go with UM2. When I first purchased the UMO+ there were times when I asked myself "why didn't you just get the UM2 you cheapa***!" LOL
  2. Well thank you all for the help. I successfully completed the Atomic Pull then ventured over to remove the brass fitting above the Heater block. I did NOT heat up the heater block and broke off the part lol. I ordered a new hot end and I should be receiving it tomorrow though. (Metal Expands when heated - Retracts when cooled) LOL Now when re assembling should I heat up the heater block and re tighten the brass fittings? I can only assume the instructions advise us to hand tighten, but when the block heats up it expands and thats the culprit.
  3. gr5 this works great with PLA and ABS. Been using it for years now,
  4. Plastic Weld is my favorite. Dries in less then 10 seconds and holds on strong. It creates a chemical reaction so your not left with any crease.
  5. Thank you for the response and links. I do not see these two issues on these articles hoping they are normal? (Burn marks and leakage)
  6. Good evening to all, As any new member would; please accept my thank you in advance for any help what so ever. I am having problems with my prints. I realigned the z axis, and leveled the bed already so I know those two options are ok. Bed temp was set to 60c and nozzle temp was set to 205. I am using 2.85 PLA filament from ultimaker (white color).I am not sure of the cura version but I know its the latest 15 something. Setting in CURA were set to HIGH QUALITY; I then switched over to advance settings carrying over the settings. I only updated the temp as I was thinking it was too high at 21
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