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  1. Hi! I'm about to print a lid for a bottle. The model was created in Solidworks. Then exported to .stl. When I open it in Cura , and put the layers on, a base of the lid is missing as a solid, and instead cura puts a kind of green grid (see the image attached) Do I have to change a parameter in Cura? or is it a problem with the model? Is not the first time that this happens with the lid, I've repeated the model, checked if it's a closed polysurface, and none of this have worked Thank you! Sofía.
  2. That's an option also. I sell bowden's to Mexico. My store is here: thegr5store.com My bowden's are not UM stock. They have slightly larger inner diameter so you are less likely to have this problem in the first place. But really - it's not too hard to fix this using simply hot water and some existing filament. I've done this myself before. I had a friend help - having 4 hands instead of 2 makes it a little easier. We did not use gloves - just bare hands. The heat worked!! thank you very much, and i think I'll buy larger inner diameter pipe too.
  3. Hi, I'm new in the 3d printing area. I was trying to change the material and the filament got stuck in the Bowden tube, I took off the tube, and the filament is not long enough to be pulled from the the ends :( I've been pushing it with another piece of filament but it seems that is not moving at all. I think is because the filament is cracked in several pieces inside the tube. Any ideas? Thankyou x
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