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  1. Hi and thanks in advance. I've become confused (again) about the management of materials. My understanding, (obviously deficient), is that the GCode generated by Cura doesn't include information like material, nozzle and bed temperatures. (Though why not is beyond me). This information comes from what material is set on the machine. So I have to manually change the material on the machine to match what I have selected in Cura. I'm wanting to change material to Ultimaker PP, but this is not showing up on my printer when I try to change the material. Nor is it on the list of materials in my MATERIAL.TXT file on my SD card. I'm assuming I need to add it to my SD card, then import that file to my machine? When I try to export a material profile from Preferences>materials, it doesn't offer the option to export the text file, or add to my existing one. I thought I used to be able to do this from previous versions of Cura. I've an UM2+ and running Cura 3.4.1 Thanks for your help. I know I must be missing something obvious here but just cannot find it.
  2. I'm finding this confusing too. I'm using UM2+ and Cura 2.6.1. I'm printing with Taulman Nylon Bridge. Previously everything was working fine - I created a new material profile in the material.txt file and imported it to my machine. Now, on my SD card and my machine and in my Cura profile I have the temperature set to 247 but whenever I print the temp is 245 and I have to tune it. I don't understand what information sits on the machine and what is now controlled by Cura. Thanks for help,
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