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  1. Hey Guys, Just bought an Ultimaker 2+. I was able to print a few things before this started happening. After about 4 layers the printer nozzle starts rubbing on the fill layer of this part. It progressively gets worse until eventually, the nozzle starts running into the actual part. I've leveled the bed several times using the ultimaker paper that came with the machine and following their instructions how to do it. It does seem to have any effect. The printer prints the first few layers great, then all hell breaks loose. I cant figure out what the problem is! Could this be a software issue? Im using latest version of Cura 15.04.6 firmware on the Ultimaker 2+ 15.04.6 Filament is Ultimaker Silver PLA @ 210º (the filament the printer came with) I've attached the Gcode file here. FEET_AND_FILL_COMBOv2_160808.gcode Please help! Thanks for being an amazing community!
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