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  1. Temperature 215 degree celsius bed temperature 60 degree celsius
  2. Material : PLA Settings: 0.6mm nozzle, shell thickness 1.2, layer height 0.25mm, fill density- 18 %, print speed 30 mm/sec. Print time 14 hours. Machine is ultimaker 2
  3. I am facing another problem with my prints. . Kindly help me.
  4. Thank you neotko. The temperature in the rooms is around 35-40 degree celsius. I plan to put a hit sink with fans to the motors . Should i go ahead?
  5. Thank you for the suggestion. My printer had the problem of heating up of motors. I changed the current settings from 1300 mA to 1000 mA. Now its working fine. I want to know does reducing the current to such extent can damage the motors in long run? How much low current settings are acceptable by the motors? Is there any way to cool these motors by attaching heatsink and fans to them?
  6. Hi I print medical models on my ultimaker 2. Since the last 10 prints i have faced only failure.This is what happens everytime[/media-thumb]
  7. hi. I have ultimaker 2. the backup system needs to provide power for 15 minutes in the worst case situations.
  8. Hi. I print medical models which take approximately 24 hrs. I am facing problem with the type of back up power supply required to prevent failure from frequent power cuts and unstable power supplies in my area. Kindly suggest me the appropriate type of power back system required. Do I need an online or offline uninterrupted power supply unit? Please help me.
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