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  1. It is gone when i increasing the wall thickness from 2 to 3 wall lines.
  2. Hey, does this look normal? I mean the orange and the small gaps. I have also some gaps at this position in my prints.
  3. At least i made it. With the same settings and normal fill overlap (15%). I just used another software to create the 3D-model. Although I find no fault in the blender file but whatever. Btw: is there a way to reduce the moving lines?
  4. Yes everything was the same even the position. I googled a bit and some say they print with 80-90% fill overlap and i tried this and it worked rlly good. But not sure if that is a good option.
  5. Oh man, now i tried the normal version with the same settings like the small test piece and i have the same problem like before.
  6. So new settings with better result but rlly slow. Temps: 190C, how fast can i print with this? I would try it but i didn't have enough filament.
  7. Here the new settings with the same result: temps 210C fill is 40% not 100%
  8. I might be wrong but for me 1.2mm is a multiple of 0.3 or i don't understand what you mean. I will try this things.
  9. Hey, I i have one problem with my print. How can i close this gaps? Settings: REC PLA White 2,85mm; 230 temperature Problem:
  10. After i tried the boolean modifier again, and updated the stl file everything was good.
  11. Hey, I printed an object with thickness of 1,4 mm but the print is just 1mm thick. The other measurements are correct.
  12. U can try to increase the infill overlap value under expert settings.
  13. Hey, i am using Blender since 1 year for photorealistic interior render and Archviz. Now i want to use it for 3D-print but i have a lot problems when it comes to precise and complex shapes. I know Blender is not a CAD programm but is there a way or must i learn a new programm like FreeCAD? I would like to stay with blender, because it is very comfortable to use for me.
  14. How can i do this? I always print with brim.
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