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  1. At least i made it.

    With the same settings and normal fill overlap (15%).

    I just used another software to create the 3D-model.

    Although I find no fault in the blender file but whatever.

    Btw: is there a way to reduce the moving lines?


  2. Yes everything was the same even the position.

    I googled a bit and some say they print with 80-90% fill overlap and i tried this and

    it worked rlly good. But not sure if that is a good option.

  3. I guess you mean that the material that is purged from the nozzle in the front left corner does get pulled with the head and stick to your model, but on the UM robot it has a skirt where that filament stick instead.

    If i get that right, just make sure that you are printing with at least one line of skirt.


    How can i do this? I always print with brim.

  4. Hey,

    how can i avoid this first line of filament when the print starts?

    It is alwas in my prints and doesent look good. When i print the Ultimaker Robot

    the printer makes a small border and then starts the print so there is no small line in

    the print. I hope you can understand what i mean.

  5. Hi,

    i have the Ultimake 2+ since last weekend and always the first layer looks bad.

    I tried to calibrate the bed new, increase the tempeture from 60 to 70 degrees,

    lower the first layer printspeed to 20mm/s.

    Edit: it is PLA the silver from Ultimaker




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