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  1. hello everyone I just change my dual extruder for a cyclop hotend ( 2 extruders but only 1 hotend). my marlin works fine but I don't know how to modify the .def.json files of my prusa printer. as there is only 1 hotend, cura should not try to set in standby one hot end and warm the other one, just change the temperature according to the setting off materiel. does someone allready did it ? thanks for your help regards
  2. Hello, I have a common issue : the infill of my prints is verry bad. I know there are different topics on it, in general the solution is to reduce infill speed. But actually I set the same speed for layers / infill / supports : 40mm/s Supports and layer are all ok, but infill is verry bad, like this : In cura, what is the difference infill vs support in GCODE ? I mean both are one line but support is verry good and infill is bad, why ? I have this issue after Cura 2.3 if I remember well (now 2.6.2) thanks for your explainations and for solutions if you have regards Spilz
  3. thanks for your reply How can I do that ?
  4. Hello, I wrote a Post Process Plugin for Cura which works well, but each time I close cura and open ti again, the plugin doesn't stay selected. I have to select it manually. is-there a way to add the plugin to the profile or to active it by defaut ? thanks for your help regards
  5. It works well on my MAC with CURA 2.1.3 but not on my Win10 with CURA 2.4 : the list of post processing plugin show only one plugin when I had the file (normally it shows 4) an other issue/question : is it normal than even on CURA 2.1.3 the post processing is not saved when I reopen CURA ?
  6. the plugin is to determine the area used by the first layer to optimize auto-leveling I never learn python, so I took exemple from other plugins. it searches min and max X Y position of G1 command and replace a specific string of the start gcode by the optimized G29 L R F B command from ..Script import Scriptfrom UM.Logger import Loggerimport reclass G29_PH(Script): def __init__(self): super().__init__() def getSettingData(self): return { "label":"G29 by PH", "key": "G29_PH", "settings": { "AutoLevel": { "label": "G29 by PH", "description": "determine Autolevel optimise", "type": "boolean", "default": False, "visible": True }, "Marge": { "label": "Marge", "description": "Marge ajoutee a la zone d'impression pour l'autolevel", "unit": "mm", "type": "float", "default": 2.0, "visible": True, "enabled": "AutoLevel == True" }, } } } def getValue(self, line, key, default = None): if not key in line or (";" in line and line.find(key) > line.find(";") and not ";TweakAtZ" in key and not ";LAYER:" in key): return default subPart = line[line.find(key) + len(key):] #allows for string lengths larger than 1 if ";TweakAtZ" in key: m = re.search("^[0-4]", subPart) elif ";LAYER:" in key: m = re.search("^[+-]?[0-9]*", subPart) else: #the minus at the beginning allows for negative values, e.g. for delta printers m = re.search("^[-]?[0-9]+\.?[0-9]*", subPart) if m == None: return default try: return float(m.group(0)) except: return default def execute(self, data): lines = data[1].split("\n") data1_temp = "" bbL = None bbR = None bbF = None bbB = None layer = -1 marge = self.getSettingValueByKey("Marge") for line in lines: if ";LAYER:" in line: #new layer no. found layer = self.getValue(line, ";LAYER:", layer) if "G1 " in line and layer == 0 : x = self.getValue(line, "X", None) y = self.getValue(line, "Y", None) if x != None: if bbL == None: bbL = x else : if x < bbL: bbL = x; if bbR == None: bbR = x else : if x > bbR: bbR = x; if y != None: if bbB == None: bbB = y else : if y > bbB: bbB = y; if bbF == None: bbF = y else : if y < bbF: bbF = y; bbL -= marge bbR += marge bbF -= marge bbB += marge for line in lines: if "G29 L R F B ;Auto Bed Leveling" in line: data1_temp += "G29 L" + repr(bbL) +" R" + repr(bbR) + " F" + repr(bbF) + " B" + repr(bbB) +"; PH Auto Bed Leveling\n" else: data1_temp += line + "\n" data[1] = data1_temp # "G29 L R F B ;Auto Bed Leveling" return data thanks for your help
  7. thanks for your reply, I don't know where I can put it, do you have a suggestion ?
  8. hello, I wrote a post processing plugin for autolevel. It works well on CURA 2.1.3, but it's not recognized by CURA 2.4 Is there something to do to add Post processing plugin in CURA 2.4 ? I just put the .py file in plugin file, as usual, and restart CURA thanks for your help
  9. I'm trying on OS X, it seems ok, but I'm surprised that's why I'm asking
  10. Hello, Just a simple question, is it possible to have Cura 2.1.3 and 2.3 on the same computer ? (It was not possible with Cura 2.3 bêta ) The question is for Windows10 and for OSX Thanks for your help Regards
  11. Hello everyone, There is something I don't find a way to solve : On cura 2.1.3, everything's ok, almost perfect But on 2.3 with the same parameter (i tried) i get bad surface with like "ringing". I tried différent config and I get always this. I watched when it prints and it looks like the print has 3 "parts" instead 2 (2.1.3): - infill - wall - some zigzags between wall and infill i guess ringing is because these zigzags but I don't know where they are from... on the left : Cura 2.1.3 / on the right : Cura 2.3 on Cura 2.1.3, we have walls parts (green and red) and infill (orange) but the same slicing with Cura 2.3, there are some yellow parts between orange and green. I guess ringing comes from this difference.(as 2.1.3 and 2.3 are not compatible, I use them on different PC, so I can't have a screenshot now) Does anyone observes these zigzags ? Does anyone have the same issue ? Does anyone know which parameters influence these zigzags ? Sorry for my bad English and let me know if you don't understand or need more information Regards
  12. I find the solution here : https://ultimaker.com/en/community/22409-setup-custom-dual-extrusion-machine-in-cura-23-beta it works well to add custon printer with dual extruder, but still not test to print with it
  13. Thanks, So what about second extruder ? How to declare it ? How to use it ?
  14. Hi, I didn't see 2.2 relase, I directly find the 2.3 (beta) but I still not figure out how to add second extruder and select it for support :( does someone find it ?
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