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  1. Hi @Daid, My suggestion is to use the same network settings procedure as regular printers (paper and ink). Having a printer on the network has been solved long ago. Usually, IT guys know how to make their network settings ready to support regular printers on it.
  2. I will try this approach tomorrow. If it works, I will share it here.
  3. Thanks ... This solved my issue in the connection and running linux commands. It is weird that it was not mentioned anyplace online to do that.
  4. Hi everybody, Is there any documentation for the developer mode of Ultimaker 3? I use Linux all the time, but the Linux version on UM3 does not let me do much, at least, I don't know how to use it. I only found a post from @Daid ( https://ultimaker.com/en/community/23428-inside-the-ultimaker-3-day-5-developer-mode-linux-systemd ) which I could not use it. My problem is that after I ssh to the 3D printer, I only have few limited options: (exec, exit, get, help, list, select, set, and sendgcode). I don't know how to actually run Linux commands there. For instance, right now I am trying to set a static IP for my UM3. I know how to do it on a desktop distribution of Linux, but I cannot run any similar command on the version of Linux installed on UM3.
  5. This was my first time posting in this forum and I am amazed by your support. Thanks for all the replies especially to @neotko and @lndy31 which helped to solved the issue that I had. I am doing a research on statistical modeling of cyber-physical systems such as 3D printers. I need manual access because I want to accurately synchronize the data that I am collecting from the 3D printer with the instructions which are being executed on it. If you like to learn more, you may take look here: http://aicps.eng.uci.edu/papers/DATE_sujit-2017.pdf This is what we did with a 3D printer couple of months ago.
  6. Hi Everybody, I like to have manual control on my UM3 over the wifi or LAN. On my previous 3d printers I was able to connect to the printer using Repetier-Host via serial port. After the connection was established, I was able to send gcodes and monitor the response of the 3D printer. But, UM3 does not support serial connection. Do you have any idea how can I manually control it? Thank you very much in advanced.
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