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  1. I thought they had created a filament, maybe fiberglass reinforced that could be printed in a standard FDM process, but I could be completely wrong.
  2. Awesome. I've just ordered some Alloy 910. Bridge looks very flexible which isn't what I'm looking for. Here's a pretty good video showing the difference in the two.
  3. Fantastic info. Thanks so much. I've read a decent amount about carbon fiber reinforced nylon and some say it can be as strong as steel. I read about Markforged products and they were actually printing weight bearing auto parts. But your'e right, I should probably push the limits on PLA and see if I need to upgrade. I was really just hoping to not have to CNC metal parts because that can get expensive. Thanks again for the info!
  4. Hey all, I'm pretty new to printing. I've been sticking pretty much with PLA and ABS up to this point. I'm working on a prototype which will have a steel tube frame. I've thought about welding the joints together but some of the joints are going to be at odd angles and will make for difficult welds. So, I thought, why not just print out some connectors for the tubes? My question is, what is the strongest material I can print with my ulitmaker 2+. I'd like it to bear as much weight as possible just to see if my idea will work. If it does work, I'll eventually get the parts CNC'd out of steel or aluminum. Any thoughts?
  5. Wow, that print looks great. Thanks for the input
  6. Has anyone here tried printing with carbon fiber reinforced plastics or nylons with an Ultimaker? I've read they're supposed to be significantly stronger than standard plastics and nylons and would like to give them a try. I'm relatively new to this though and I don't want to mess up my printer or waste a bunch of time/money on something that isn't going to work well.
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