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  1. Hallo, Ich habe gemäß dieser Anleitung den Drucker eingestellt. Den erstellten gCode von einem anderen Rechner habe ich zu octoprint hochgeladen. Wenn ich diesen jedoch drucken möchte, dann gibt es bei dem Drucker wäre noch eine Aufheizphase noch ein priming. Der Drucker fährt wie wild in der Luft herum und nichts passiert. Vielleicht hat jemand einen Tipp? Vielen Dank, Daniel
  2. BTW i should say that following layers are looking ok so far. I am not sure if this is an extrusion issue in general.
  3. Hello, i got a new UM2+, have levelled it as usual this is my 4. printer. But i experience issues in the first layer. The first lines going on glass are look perfectly but after a while it looks like overextrusion. Also the material lifts up on some places. I have levelled the bed dozen of times cold, warm. I don't get rid of the problem. Please take a look at the photos i have taken. Those represent a freshly created Brim. Thank you a lot. Daniel
  4. The shop owner send me another printer. Printed the same object again and without those waves. Also when i move the print head i feel the replacement printer have much more strong hold to the head. There is a difference between them. As i investigated the belts i have recognized there is oil on the black blocks, this might be cause of the issue?
  5. It doesn't matter what i use, they look all like this.
  6. Hello, my ultimaker 2+ is a few months old and have today printed for 800 hours. From the beginning i experienced on the surface small waves. Now the problem is much more visible.. Someone know which knob to press to solve this issue? Thank you a lot for your support! Daniel
  7. Dear forum members, since i use the new cura 2.3.0 on UM2+ i experience extrusion lines with gap between and also underextrusion. I would tend to say the whole geometry of all lines are scaled up. I played with the material flow and set it up to 115% and more but the problem doesn't gone. For me seems that's not just an material extrusion problem. Maybe someone recognized same issues? Thank you in advance for your support, Daniel
  8. I didn't found a definite answer to this question. So i ask here again, is it safe to process material which is certified for food contact in UM2+? I heard that the nozzle contains lead and for that reason it's not safe to use. Maybe some of the UM staff have an official statement? Thank you very much for taking the time to read, understand an reply, Daniel
  9. Hello, i have used S3D for slicing a couple of stl's but i experienced some layers are have extreme underextrusion, the layer after are looking fine later. This is first happen with the use of S3D. Since i wasn't able to have usable results i switched back to cura. Some prints was successful and as expected. But randomly some prints now have same underextrusion as i first experienced from the use of S3D. Is it possible, that some settings are adjusted from the S3D gcode which are still set and lead to this issue? Or the feeder is broken? I need some advise in this case. Thank you, Daniel
  10. Hello Forum, i am using cura 2.1.2 and have an issue by printing this camera mount http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1704892. The base plate with the hole in the mid must be 1.6mm in height. But after printing it is 1.7mm. It seems that cura adds the thickness of the first layer plus wall thickness top and bottom. What i should do to achieve the real size from the stl file in the printer? Thank you a lot for reading. Daniel
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