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  1. I sell my Ultimaker 2+, including the front Plastic door, replacement parts including head, filaments, spare extruder plug etc. The printer was bought in 2016 the 8 of Augustus. In perfect status, ready for next printing. Include the original package. Price : €1200. Must be picked up in Waterloo, Belgium If you are interested, mail : SKY94680@skynet.be
  2. is it so difficult to tune? this print is really nice! you're a lucky man to be part of the testers...
  3. I'm on holidays from the 25 december up to the 8 january and I stay home most of the time. If I can help, let me know.
  4. Yes, it's my first "perfect" print, the third or fourth iteration on the 3D Benchy. Found out that my issues with that actually wasn't the calibration (as I though initially), but the print temperature of the magenta PLA... For me the core issue is currently is that the docking process is not completely reproducibly stable yet - the head can tilt by 1-2mm in the dock. For me 100 picks-ups of the second head work, 1 doesn't. Curious how the new version of the dock will work that I just printed. very exciting, I hope the new design works better. Great work, thank you for the news!
  5. No news? houlàlà, I saw a print made by conny_G, is that some results?
  6. Yes, exactly. And waiting for the rest of the deliveries of cables, plugs, crimps, screws. I've the magnets and the upgrade kit for ulimaker 2 to 2+. Isn't it enough? Should we get more cables, plugs, crimps, screws?
  7. Thank you for all the informations and the picture of the electronic plate. This is incredible, this video shows well the move of the bed when the head is loaded and pushed back in the corner. Thank you for all this details, I become nervous now and I want to learn to program some pieces in cura now. Where can I find the supplemental pieces to print (head supports, park arm, dual spools support etc...)? As a newbie, I think I will have to make several pieces to get one perfect and it will take some time. Or perheaps I should wait a little more and get all the instructions. Be sure I'll do my b
  8. I have a stupid question to those who designed this upgrade : what about the electronic plate of the Ultimaker 2+? Is it foreseen already to support a second head, both with XY, fan etc and a second extruder? Can we have some details about this subject?
  9. I've ordered an Ultimaker extrusion upgrade kit #9510 as suggested. It is not so expensive : 477€. The fact is that I found another reseller who propose so much spare parts for ultimaker but I could not decided what is needed. http://www.makershop.fr/175-ultimaker
  10. I've received mine too, I don't know what I should do now...DO I have to buy a ultimaker upgrade kit?
  11. Did I miss something, reading everybody talking about pieces. I just order the magnet till now and I search around the discussion for the listing of what I should buy (or perheaps it is not yet the time to do so), but find nothing?
  12. did you change your original power supply foehnsturm? do you have enough power for 2 heaters + heat bed ? or do you hot the bed and cut it when the print starts?
  13. very impressive! How is it possible to get this dual extrusion of yours? Or, when do you launch the list of required pieces for this this addons, the assembling manual and the .stl files for ultimaker 2+? I read all the adventure in another tread but never see the last prototype files or/and the way to assemble all these stuffs. Your results are perfect and I don't know why I became nervous and don't sleep well these last days. At least, I know it is possible to get a dual extrusion for the ultimaker 2+
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