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  1. Many thanks for the very detailed answer, I will do the test prints as recomended, and I will rethink the temperature requirements for Inmoov robot :-) I just wonder why most people are printing it with ABS ... addinionaly I will search the forum for any hints for enclosuring the printer ! I found a product in a shop but I will try to build something on my own first :-)
  2. Many thanks for your input ! I have the UM2 with olson Block 0,4mm I printed slower and set temperature to 230. The fil rate was very good, but then I had a lot of stringing. I searched the forum, and I installed the "retract while combing" plugin The shown print has the following parameters: Material colorfabb xt red Temp 230 C Speed 30 "Retract while combing"-Values starting z: 0 Ending Z: 100 min distance for reract: 2.0 retract speed: 30 rertact distance: 4,5 lift head during retract: 0,0 in the standard options of Cura, I set combing and the retract Z with 0.2 mm What else options do I have to reduce stringing ? I want to pront a robot (Inmoov) and I would like to avoid printing it with ABS, so I need a material which is strong and has a higher TG then PLA, that s why I started with PETG. Are there maybe other alternatives from your point of view ? Many thanks in advance !
  3. Hi all, hello to everybody in this forum, it s great community ! I have been reading for a while and most times I found usefull hints ! But in this case I have no clue and could not find a solution for my issue, so I hope to get any support here :-) After my first successfull prints with PLA, I tried out the colorfab XT wich is some kind of PET if I m not wrong. On the box it says to print with 240-260 C My first print with 240 C was awfull, I searched this formun and found some hints to reduce templ, so I tried with 220 C and 225 C and on the picture you can see the outcome. The settings in Cura are: print speed 50 retraction on, with standart values combing on travel speed 150 no plug in used What I don t understand, is that there are some ares which look good and other look like material is missing ... Would be glad for any hint, thanks in advance ! Aki
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