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  1. Ok, So a little update. Last night determined by gr5's advice I went in hard on all set screws. This still didn't resolve the seized Y stepper. I could move X without issue when the machine was powered off, but Y was just stuck. I completely removed the 4 screws holding the Y stepper in place and inspected it thoroughly (Meh, it looked fine from the outside) however when I tried to turn the pulley clockwise it wouldn't move. So I tried turning counter clockwise and heard a very faint "Click" sound. the pulley was then able to move in either direction without issue. I carefully remounted th
  2. Thanks gr5, I'm in Delaware and so yes I did get this from Matt at PrintedSolid (great guy!) He has been extremely apologetic about this issue, hes on vacation this week so I have to wait until he is back. Anyway, I did tighten every Pulley set screw as mentioned in my previous reply. that "Seemed" to correct the shifting issue. but apparently caused this new one. I have no doubt this will be resolved one way or the other, but was just reaching out to this forum in hopes I can resolve it myself. i'm by no means a pro with 3D printing, but not a totally ignorant either. I'm a technology eng
  3. Hi Folks, So I went home last night and started working on my UM2E+ and following the direction of Neotko, I tightened all of the set screws on the pulleys and checked the belts etc. I found that the small belt on the left hand side was kind of loose, so I looked up the process for tightening it. Which was loosen the screws that hold the stepper motor in place and push down a bit till tight, then just tighten the screws. This made a huge difference and now the belt is snug like the small one on the right side of the machine. Moving on, i loaded up Cura and used the trusty 40mm test cube S
  4. Thanks so much for the advise guys! I am at work now, but will try this when I get home and post updates!
  5. Neotko, Could this really be the issue even though other prints are fine?
  6. I'm a brand new Ultimaker owner (UM2 Extended+) The machine was just purchased last week. I obtained models from Ford Motor Company (Here in the USA) in STL format for 3D printing of two different cars. These models I paid for and purchased directly from Ford. I would expect since Ford is charging for these models, they should be "Print Ready" as they advertise on their website. However I have had nothing but trouble trying to print these models successfully. I have run these through NetFabb web and tried both Simplify3D and the latest version of Cura to slice the models. no matter what
  7. Hello, I am a brand new and first time Ultimaker owner. I just picked it up from my local print shop yesterday. THIS IS A FANTASTIC piece of kit! I have been a Robo 3D R1+ user and have been using Simplify3D from the start. It took a considerable amount of time to "Dial-in" all of the settings for the Robo. Cura seems fine, but I really like my Simplify3D My question is, does anyone have a ready to go profile that they could share for the UM 2 Extended+? I've been reading horror stories on here about too much current being pushed to the steppers, bad z-banding, etc. It would be greatl
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