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  1. Ok, So a little update. Last night determined by gr5's advice I went in hard on all set screws. This still didn't resolve the seized Y stepper. I could move X without issue when the machine was powered off, but Y was just stuck. I completely removed the 4 screws holding the Y stepper in place and inspected it thoroughly (Meh, it looked fine from the outside) however when I tried to turn the pulley clockwise it wouldn't move. So I tried turning counter clockwise and heard a very faint "Click" sound. the pulley was then able to move in either direction without issue. I carefully remounted the Stepper at this point making sure no wires were pinched and that the small belt was snug. I took a deep breathe, plugged the power back in and turned it on. No errors came up, I went into the Maintenance Menu>Advanced>Home Head and the head homed to the back left corner without error. I figured it was safe enough at this point to try my 40mm test cube again and so I did. ANNNNNNND it printed flawlessly, no shifting, no extrusion problems, no grinding, no errors. It just worked! this was the only test print I did last night, but i'm cautiously optimistic that this resolved the problem. Again, thanks to Neo and gr5 for all of your help and input!
  2. Thanks gr5, I'm in Delaware and so yes I did get this from Matt at PrintedSolid (great guy!) He has been extremely apologetic about this issue, hes on vacation this week so I have to wait until he is back. Anyway, I did tighten every Pulley set screw as mentioned in my previous reply. that "Seemed" to correct the shifting issue. but apparently caused this new one. I have no doubt this will be resolved one way or the other, but was just reaching out to this forum in hopes I can resolve it myself. i'm by no means a pro with 3D printing, but not a totally ignorant either. I'm a technology engineer by trade so most of it I have a solid understanding. its the mechanical side that I like experience with.
  3. Hi Folks, So I went home last night and started working on my UM2E+ and following the direction of Neotko, I tightened all of the set screws on the pulleys and checked the belts etc. I found that the small belt on the left hand side was kind of loose, so I looked up the process for tightening it. Which was loosen the screws that hold the stepper motor in place and push down a bit till tight, then just tighten the screws. This made a huge difference and now the belt is snug like the small one on the right side of the machine. Moving on, i loaded up Cura and used the trusty 40mm test cube STL to see if the shifting was gone or not. This is where the my next calamity happens. The cube started printing beautifully, all of the shifting in the layers appeared to be gone. However, about 15mm (Z Axes) into the print, the machine appeared to start colliding with the print. (Photo) I quickly aborted the print and then the machine went nuts! It lowered the build plate, the moved the print head to the left side and started grinding. the machine then displayed an error code "ER07" with the instructions to go to http://ultimaker.com/er07 The error page on here says that my X or Y switches are "Broken". It was late at this point, so I turned it off and figured I would live to fight another day. I have once again included photos of everything in this link: Photos can be found here I'm a little upset and disappointed at this point. I just picked this printer up from my local dealer on friday. I was able to get about 5 small prints out of it before all of this started happening. Do I have a lemon? I don't think a $3000 printer should be giving me this much trouble 4 days in to ownership. As before, your help is GREATLY appreciated
  4. Thanks so much for the advise guys! I am at work now, but will try this when I get home and post updates!
  5. Neotko, Could this really be the issue even though other prints are fine?
  6. I'm a brand new Ultimaker owner (UM2 Extended+) The machine was just purchased last week. I obtained models from Ford Motor Company (Here in the USA) in STL format for 3D printing of two different cars. These models I paid for and purchased directly from Ford. I would expect since Ford is charging for these models, they should be "Print Ready" as they advertise on their website. However I have had nothing but trouble trying to print these models successfully. I have run these through NetFabb web and tried both Simplify3D and the latest version of Cura to slice the models. no matter what settings I have tried, they always fail. I have a included some photos in this DropBox link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wx0doxvtx9gnclj/AACFsOh7rEMwNtbEvgakVPsja?dl=0 Any ideas of what I maybe doing wrong would be greatly appreciated! all of my other prints are 100% totally fine and error free. Thanks!
  7. Hello, I am a brand new and first time Ultimaker owner. I just picked it up from my local print shop yesterday. THIS IS A FANTASTIC piece of kit! I have been a Robo 3D R1+ user and have been using Simplify3D from the start. It took a considerable amount of time to "Dial-in" all of the settings for the Robo. Cura seems fine, but I really like my Simplify3D My question is, does anyone have a ready to go profile that they could share for the UM 2 Extended+? I've been reading horror stories on here about too much current being pushed to the steppers, bad z-banding, etc. It would be greatly appreciated as I am unfamiliar with all of the Ultimaker G-Codes as of right now. Thanks so much in advance for any help that can be provided!
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