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  1. Hi, After installing the app to your mobile phone or ipad, you subscribe to notifications. So when you send a print to S5 you receive a message saying the print started, and you receive another message when the printing is completed even if you are not connected to the same network, I could not figure out why but for the last week or so I do not receive these notifications, I did uninstall the app and re install the app but did not work. Does anybody have any idea about resolving this problem. Thank you very much. Murat
  2. I increased the platform heat to 110c. The printer was in the workshop with no heat (average 14c room temperature) I moved the printer inside the office with 22c room temperature, I do have a front door and I coveredthe top, after these changes I did manage to print both ABS and PC. thank you very much.
  3. In my exprience, it is never offered as an alternative for Ultimaker. Ultimaker can print water soluble support material, but raise is still in trial for water soluble support material. Ultimaker has changable print heads, and you can print with a greater variety of material. We started 3d printing with up and added ultimaker 2 with the expectation of the second print head add on, then upgraded to 2+ extended. We are more than happy with pla printed parts. And never had an issue with 2+extended with pla filament. May be we need advise for printing PC or ABS. Please feel free to guide us.
  4. While printing, average 120 gram parts for working prototypes, with u2+ , PC filament and cura recommend Settings, the parts are deforming while printing, I couldnt manage to print good parts. and also if I use ABS, while the parts are cooling down the parts are cracking and shrinking. I could not sucseed like printing pla that is why I am thinking to buy a second ultimaker. And ofcourse raise 2 can not be an option.
  5. Dear all, We are using Ultimaker 2+ Extended for several years with no problem at our office. Now we do need to buy a second 3d printer with the capability of water soluble support material for better quality prints. We were planning to buy Ultimaker 3 extended. Then my partner asked why not Ultimaker S5? So I could not decide what to do? is there any body using both 3 and S5. Is there a huge differance? Should I pay 20% more and buy S5? Thanks
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