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  1. Good tip! I'm going to be a little more cautious about using it now...
  2. Sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner... I've been busy. I'll see what happens after I blowtorch it... But I think I might just want to buy a new BB core. Right now, I'm working with fbrc8 to get this straightened out—I only got this in November. Also, I'm probably not going to use my BB very much, so it doesn't really make sense for me to make it really versatile. But actually, I'm looking into the upgrade for one of my AA cores—I loved being able to change nozzle sizes and hardnesses back with my UM2 (with Olsson block). CF filament has always been on my 3DP wishlist... Make On! Ra
  3. Ok, just reassembled the print core. I put it back in the printer, and tried to run some cleaning filament through it... all that came out was this coarse, orange, fragile powder that no one could call proper extrusion. Tried the atomic method—it seemed like it couldn't get a good grip. Someone had to drill (or CNC) that 0.4mm hole in the nozzle (unless it was injection molded with some serious black magic), so there's probably a 0.4mm mill bit out there, right? Where could I find one... if that's a good idea. What about replacing just the nozzle? I think I saw one on @gr5's store—would
  4. Ok, just took apart the print core... here are some photos of the parts with the PVA. Yeah, it's really stuck. I'm letting the two parts soak in water, and I'll see if that helps. If it doesn't get that caramelized part out, I'm going pro and drilling it out. Thanks for all the help! I couldn't have done it without you guys. Make On! RayvenMaker
  5. Hey @tomnagel, @ultiarjan, Thanks for the suggestions! I did contact the reseller... they thought I should just get a new print core. I'll try your second suggestion, @tomnagel, but it's really stuck in there. Last resort has already been passed: except at max temp. Nothing came out except smoke. I tried the wirebrush method... there isn't even any filament in the heated nozzle. As far as I can tell, the filament's tip was hot, and it somehow might've cooled down in the section of the print core with the heat sink. I'm not sure.
  6. I'm about to buy another BB core... but before I do, what can I do to get that piece of filament out? I really don't want to have to buy one.
  7. Thanks for the idea! Unfortunately, the piece is jammed, and even when I pressed on it with a screwdriver, it wouldn't extrude.
  8. Hey guys! I'm looking for the best way to get this out. The filament jammed, broke off inside the core. I used that screwdriver to measure how far down it was, and it seemed to break off right where the heatsink starts. What do you think I could do to get this out? I've already tried hot/cold pulling it, with no luck. It's PVA, so I'm considering dissolving it, but that already sounds like a bad idea. What about drilling it? Thanks. Make On! Reagan
  9. Thanks for the mention! Direct modeling looks really cool! Yeah, I do cringe when I have to change complex geometries... But guess what? I found direct modeling in Fusion! https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/fusion-360/learn-explore/caas/video/youtube/watch-v-zbEZlny7OH8.html It's definitely not as established as Keycreator's direct modeling (Fusion is parametric by nature) but hey, it's there.
  10. I tried that at first... PVA still prints inside the brim if I do that when I'm printing support. What about a raft of the first material? Or, what about this—what if there was a setting where everything on the first layer was a certain material (e.g. ABS), and then everything else after that would proceed as normal. Then, if you had a glass build plate, you could print the first layer in entirely PVA to make sure it sticks, then print whatever else you want after that. SandervG, what do you think?
  11. Thanks, tomnagel! Let the experimenting begin, then. I'll post results here.
  12. Thanks for the info! I didn't know that! Well, I do have some CPE as well... will that work better with PVA?
  13. Autodesk's Fusion 360 should do all of that! Screenshots below: I just used the loft command here, with two circles above each other. Line command in sketch mode. Extruded the sketch. Move command. It's more of a relative coord system, though. Shell command... although, this always deletes 1 or more faces. So you'll have a cone with an open top. This is making it entirely closed off and hollow: I used a second loft inside of the cone. I wish it had that. But hey, Fusion's free. I hope this helps! Make On! RayvenMaker
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