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  1. Hi Nicolai. Warp deformation is happening because different parts ot the printing piece have different temperatures. You mentioned that you opened the door and let the cool air in to the chamber... This can cause warping 99% of the times.. Usually to keep temperature of the part more or less equal we use heated bed. I would try to not open the door at all during the print since melting point of the whole part will never be achieved inside... Happy printing!
  2. Hey there. According to your log file, you are having "Permission Error". Are you connecting with S3D *AND* Cura at the same time? Basically, a first application which opens usb port for writing will win:)
  3. Hi there. Its possible however you want to understand what you are doing. First you want to make sure you have right stepper drivers for your motors. For example if this is turning mill with nema 17 type motors you are fine. If you are planning on controlling cnc router with nema23 you may need to replace onboard drivers with more powerful ones. Next step will be uploading new firmware to your board. Marlin can control cbc mills or you can just upload grbl firmware. All will depends on your application. Basically treat your board as ramps1.4 board with Arduino compatible hardwar
  4. Hi everyone. I am working on the subj for my UM Original as well. My thought was to hide "capacitance logic" from Marlin FW. For Marlin, this module is a simple Z Min switch which is either 1 or 0.
  5. The outside diameter of IGUS bushings is 16mm so you have about 3mm before you hit 12mm Z rods. At least this is how it's on UM2go I am building... jfyi. I am still trying to fit IGUS in another build. I'll keep posting when there is a progress.
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