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  1. Hi guys, Case closed. My Norwegian bank contacted the US bank - durstey took money and disappeared. Period. Poilice also closed case - they didn't believe it was possible to find the guy. Probably understandable - in the bigger view of the world, this is a case "about peanuts". Sad enough. Take notice of what SandervG wrote - be careful, and use routines giving you protection. rgds. Bjorn
  2. Hi, Considering. Will decide in some few days if to make you an offer, or if I choose a small SLS machine. Will revert one of the first days next week. rgds. Bjorn
  3. Hi, How old is the printer ? How many hours printing ? rgds. Bjørn
  4. Hi, Could the same happen to me ? I was hoping to see my printer soon, but haven't got any feedback for many days.
  5. Hi; Your UM2+ still avail ? Will be in London 28th. of Sept. rgds. Bjorn
  6. Hi guys; Looking for a good offer on one of the above mentioned printers. I am located in Norway. Please contact me if you have a printer for sale ! rgds. Bjorn Kaupang Oslo, Norway
  7. Hei, Hat du fortfarande din Ultimaker ? Mph Bjørn Kaupang
  8. Hi, Your Ultimaker still in hand ? If yes, I offer you £1.200 delivered At agreed address in Birmingham / London end of Sept. Rgds Bjorn
  9. Hello, I offer you the asked £1.400 for your um printer and stuff. I will be in Birmingham / London end of month. Reply to me on kaupang@yahoo.com Rgds Bjorn
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