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  1. Alas, no, but if the .25 test works out I’ll buy one
  2. Tried that, filament seemed to move smoothly through the bowden and hot end when I tried pushing it with my fingers. Two interesting things I noticed though: 1. When I pulled the filament out, probably about 10-15mm (no steppers in my fingers) it would become very hard to push it back through the hot end, the filament would form a knob at the end. 2. I noted that what was coming out of the nozzle seemed wider than .4mm, measured with my micrometer at about .65mm! That would certainly explain underextrusion. The first issue might be that I pulled it out too far, the f
  3. Blasted everything out with a 325C SMD hot air rework station - I could see all the way through the nozzle. Same settings, same result.
  4. Okay, 0.2 layer height, 200C, 50mm/s print speed, same spongy underextruded infill. I guess next step is to pull off the nozzle and see what's in there.
  5. Yeah, was able to fix the play pretty easily by loosening the belt pulleys and sliding them (as symmetrically as possible obvs). I figured the play wasn't the problem, but having tried everything else (see above) I was getting desperate. The feeder is clean, no wear line on the knurled wheel - only printed PLA, and a little bit of PETG and even less ABS. I'll try slowing down my print speed settings, and recheck the hot end and nozzle.
  6. So discovered the runtime menu, I've got 475 hours of runtime. I heated the head up to 210, confirmed the fan was running, extruded 10mm and noted that only 7mm went through. I set materials.txt to give 120% flow rate, which really didn't make any difference to the underextrusion. What's weird is the underextrusion seems to be primarily the infill, walls seem okay. I've tried swapping out the print nozzle, and multiple cold pulls with nylon filament. Nothing seems to work.
  7. True, lots- I replaced the tfm coupler and the bowden tube, to no avail.
  8. I found this post from a google search. I have an Ultimaker 2 extended + and there is quite a bit of play in both Y axis axles, which I suspect is causing my uneven extrusion problems (photo attached). The article Nobulun referenced just says "If there is play on the axles, it is recommended to calibrate the printhead", but there's no reference to how to do that. I'll check your guides on aligning the axles and checking the belts, tho I suspect there's wear on the axle spacers.
  9. This just happened to me, 10 hours into a 16 hour print 😞 Ultimaker dark blue.
  10. The problem is that the prolog and epilog commands are generated in the LCD code rather than the lower level M-code handlers. I've started moving them over, see my fork of Ultimaker2Marlin, branches M720 (like M20, but show long filenames), and M723 (print a file the same as the LCD menu does). Both should be considered (pre-)^5Alpha
  11. Hi All, I'm having a problem with smaller features of the first layer adhering properly - the skirt and outline of the object print fine, but the outline for a small hole in the center (2mm diameter) lifts right off and gets carried by the head to glob up on (and sometimes lift off) the next extrusion, which is usually the next layer of outline for the larger object. I've tried releveling the bed, using the "official" plastic-coated paper Ultimaker leveling card, tightening until there's just friction on the paper, changing the first layer speed from its default of 15mm/s to 10 and 20. Pret
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