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  1. I always have a sluggish response in loading Cura and found out that a double click to select the program loaded two copies of CURA. I did as you say and loaded it to the Hard drive but afterwards I deleted the duplicate program and it worked fine.
  2. I started to get an error 13 message when I try to save the sliced file onto my SD card. Something about unauthorized mentioned. It worked fine before so I dont see what happened.
  3. The extruder feed rate is given for each X,Y,Z LINE movement. Is that the value at the maximum speed rate of the head? Since all axes are moving the head is moving at sqrt (Xspeed ^2 + Yspeed^2 + Zspeed^2) So shouldn't this be proportional to the Feed rate and also the Edistance? I don't see any correlation of this from the Gcode generated by CURA. Has anyone seen any example firmware code for controlling the Extruder Motor? The extruder can also be moved when X,Y,Z motion is off independent of them.
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