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  1. Thanks for taking the time rowiac, I mught have exported it in a different unit of measurement when I was experimenting, not sure why it's not scaling correctly sorry for that. The longest length is 108mm. I think I know what areas you are talking about one of them I found was in the S that created a hole for me. I'll have to look at the cutouts. Now maybe you can help me understand how to delete and edit the STL file. I guess I'm trying to understand how the STL file saves/exports. I use solid inspector 2 and cleanup 3. When I use the tools it shows everything being ok. My question is when it exports wouldn't it just generate those issues again? I guess the I'm confused on how it works, does it act like a random generation of the object or does it act more like a save or save as function, just saving the changes made? If that makes any sense but that's where I'm getting confused when I'm editing my stl files. I was looking at the biggest cutout, and when zoomed in I noticed that some of the triangles only showed up when I zoomed in very, very close meaning those triangles are super tiny. Could that also create confusion for the printer causing my issue? They are exactly where it won't print that outer wall. I tried deleting the line and it just made a hole. I'm trying to play withe it to see how I can modify the triangles so they intersect like they are if that may help. I'm going to redesign the whole thing in sketchup again tonight. I know sketchup isn't ideal for 3d printing but I have had better results being a novice. I will repost my stl when done. Heck does anyone live near Austin that wants to make some money teaching me how to 3d print and designing solid models? Ha I'm getting desperate. Again thanks a lot for taking the time to help me especially so late at night.
  2. Here is the Solidworks 16' part file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/edodou1wwieh0ui/Bokkusu_v0.202.SLDPRT?dl=0 Here is the STL file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qeu21qa1hcmyc09/Bokkusu_v0.202.STL?dl=0 Here is another STL I created, still same issue: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1uoo4ipdod8p968/test_3.stl?dl=0 I was speaking with someone who makes these device enclosures and he was using sketchup and his items come out perfect. I've even downloaded good working files that print fine from him and I still get my line issue. I am starting to think there may be something with my machine lol. Could someone please tell me what's wrong with my files? Or could someone print out the first STL and see if they can reproduce the same issues I am having? If you can print with the same issue then at least I know I'm doing it wrong but if it prints out perfect... well then the machine is going flying across the room ha. Thanks again.
  3. I will have the file uploaded tonight, sorry for the delay I had a last minute business trip which is always fun. I have been really looking into the STL files and how the triangles are produced, I don't have my stl right now but it's very similar to this, even in solid works: It's not very uniform and mine has a 2mm cutout on a 4mm wall with another cutout in the center that goes completely through. That's image 3 above. Anyways thanks again for the reply, I'll upload the STL, Solidworks file, and if you guys need any other formats let me know I'll upload it.
  4. Thanks for the reply much appreciated. In Cura and Simply3d I checked the layers and in Slic3r as well, they all do not show these errors in the layer view. In Solidworks it was in the solid model folder, in Sketchup it shown as solid. I have to check my other computer but there is a 3d software that has a watertight check tool and it called it watertight. Now around the cutouts there are some really long triangles in the STL file, I need to get a picture of it and I wasn't sure if that is what would be causing the issue. It is just weird because none of the slicers represented this STL files as being a failure. In Sketchup I used Solid Inspector 2 and CleanUp3 and it called it watertight and still same type of issue. I will have to look really close to the mesh then. What's the best program to view mesh? Does our 3D STL files have to be surface triangular mesh or is there a way to convert it to tetrahedral volume mesh. Forgive any misspelling but that second mesh has way more smaller triangles and way more uniform in the QuickMesh program. I am just at a loss. I spoke with someone who is designing the same type of device and uses Sketchup and does not have the same issues. I will look into the triangles and see if they are any gaps. I can also upload the STL if you would like to view it. Heck I would be curious to have someone else print it to see if they have the same issues which would eliminate my printer being the issue. The person I was speaking with said he did nothing special besides using the pull tool on a circle he drew through the wall. Then before exporting used solid inspector and cleanup. Exactly what I did and it's just not working argh. Sorry for my frustration but not printing one thing successfully is very discouraging.
  5. First I want to start by saying I have been working on this issue for 10 days and I still can't figure this out. First some information about me, yes I am new to 3D printing and designing 3D models so mostly I think that is what the issue is. I am trying to design and print a vaping mechanical box mod case. The battery sled I printed is perfect, the lid prints perfectly but the box not so much. I have some pictures of what is going on: I am using Solidworks 2016, the holes are for the 510 connection, firing button and I still need to add more features. I have been trying to use Meshmixer, NetFabb Cloud Service for repairing models and I still get the same result. I have exported the STL file with incredible detail to create a file 130MB to as low as the triangle count can go. Honestly the best print I had was with the lowest STL settings. The pictures are of the print AFTER I used the NetFabb repair service. I understand I have a lot to learn and my issue is not printer related but I am assuming it is my 3D design itself as it is not watertight. I am just not experienced enough to fix it. I know the issue comes up on layer 44, I am still trying to figure out the Gcode, for some reason at the beginning of the cutouts it just will not print the wall. In Cura I inspect with the X-Ray view and I have gone through every layer. It shows that it SHOULD be printing the wall where it is supposed to be. That's what really throws me off because Cura visibly shows it should be printing 100%. Here are my printer settings right now. I have been experimenting with various settings but this is what I am using with PLA: Again I have been searching and experimenting for some time now and I am losing hope. Can someone point me in the right direction? I can even send you my file for the 3d parts I am having issues with. I want to get it fixed so it will print properly but I also want to learn how to fix it. Just every search I conduct on making watertight 3D models just point to the darn netfabb cloud service and it does not work. If it's a setting issue I think I have adjusted every setting and have printed 40 of these boxes with walls missing. If there is someone out there proficient and willing to teach I am all ears. Heck I would pay for lessons at this point, yes I am getting desperate. Thanks for any help!
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