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  1. Hey guys, The finder relais on the mainboard is switching and causing the reboots when using to much power. Meaning e.g. without heated bed the printer works fine, when i switch it on then reboot. Is anybody out there who had the same problem? I triple checked all the wirings and i'm a hundred percent sure they're not the rootcause. I think the mainboard or the heater cartridge have a defekt. What so you think?
  2. Okay, when i set a higher temperature during print- reset. Lowering isn't a problem. That would be consistent with the fan, because the fan will cool the nozzle and the heater will therefore switch on some seconds after the fan. And then ....restart. So i think the heater cartridge takes to much power.. Since the UMO+ is brandnew i'll try to contact the Ultimaker support on monday... Rgds Vinc
  3. Okay, i rerouted the fan cable- no change. Thereafter tried to reproduce the failure by moving the axles - but the failure is not reproducable, it's not connected to a specific axle. And it one time shut down without fan when setting the nozzle temperature to a higher setting. For me it seems as if the system as whole is at the limit of the safety of the board and the fan "pushes it over". Perhaps the heater cartridge uses to much energy?
  4. FYI: I just manually switched on the fan-works without fault, also when printhead is moved manually. Thereafter activated heated bed and nozzle together with fan - no fault. Therafter printed without fan- no fault. Activated fan during print- 3seconds then reset, arghhh!!
  5. Yes, the Fan starts, then after 5 seconds comes the reset. A short due to movement of the Head? Hmm.. I'll look into that..
  6. Dear Ultimaker colleagues, First of all "Hello from Austria", since that is my first post ;-) I've just finished my UMO+ and expirience a problem to which i find no answer in the support section: When printing the printer works perfect for the brim and first layer, but approximately 5 seconds after the fan starts the whole UMO+ seems to reset (Ulticontroller goes blank, restarts, shows SD Card Ready, print stoppen). I now disconnected the fan from the board and print without fan and it works fine. To me it seems as if the power safety resets the board. I also retried to plugin the fan, but then i've the same reset again. Newest firmware is installed. Do you have any ideas? Thank you for your help! Rgds Vinc
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