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  1. Avgora, Thanks for your reply. Your guess goes with what I am seeing here. The first layers tend to be solid and therefore take a lot longer while the layers after that are infill are printed faster. So once I reach the infill layer, the Ultimaker 2+ time prediction drops again.
  2. Print time prediction with Cura seems quite weird. Cura tells me 14 hours and then the Ultimaker 2+ eventually tells me it is 19 hours. At the end of the print, the time left drops faster than the printing advances. It tells me 1 minute left and still prints 2 minutes later. I really don´t get it....
  3. Hello, I am a relatively new user of the Ultimaker 2+ and Cura 2.1.3. While all my other initial prints turn out nicely, I have now designed a charging station for my phone and some electronic cigarettes. Solid checker on Sketchup says "all shiny". But when transfering the STL file to Cura and after slicing, between line 315 and 320, there is a gap of a few lines which are not in the model. The gap appears no matter if I select normal, high or fast print quality. Also, I enabled and disabled the support and played around with all thinkable configuration but the gap comes up. Also, it produces a dense layer under the gap but it should only have infill there. In order to rule out a design error in sketchup, I uploaded the file to slic3r and voila: all layers there! Any idea what is going wrong?
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