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  1. trying to print "fuzzy skin" on a horizontal - XY-surface - doesnt work. on vertical faces its printed. any hints? feature or issue? rolfM
  2. wollte aus cura 2.4 ein objekt drucken, das auf der deckfläche - xy-ebene - eine fuzzy strukur hat. die wird hier jedoch nur auf den senkrechtem wänden erzeugt. stimmt das? rolfM
  3. yes, the MiniCalTest block as well as the gcode-data are here. but: your hint to get the profile of the gcode by opening cura > file > "open profile from gcode" is not present in my cura version 2.1.2. modification is necessary when I will print with other nozzles than 0,4mm - from olsson block. or can I get the stl-data of the MiniCalTest? thanks rolf
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