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  1. We are having the same problem with an Ultimaker 2+. We bought it in 2016, the first year was good but since last year it shuts randomly during the heatup or in the middle of printing... The sale agent said it's because some area's power is not stable. They claim the machine runs long time test without problem in their office where is other town from ours.(Though I really doubt about it...) So they might send back the machine without doing anything.... But I'm afraid the problem happens again and we can do nothing but send it back to the agent again... Is it really the area's power supply to blame? If it really is then the Ultimaker company should declare like "Due to some countries's power supply not qualified to our standards, it's not recommended to buy in some countries..." I've never seen any electric devices use any reason like this to answer their customer's questions. It's simply ridiculous. Hope Ultimaker guys can notice this message and do something about it.
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